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Color Monte Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by mplegare
Three Card Monte. The words alone are enough to inspire terror and panicked flight in the most hardened spectator of magic. Everyone and his dog has a three card monte variation, but they all seem to have the same patter, lifted doubtless from the original three-card-monte dealer seen on the street.

This one, Color Monte, has a few differences which might help lighten the level of pasteboard ennui. The use of non-standard cards and a genuinely amusing patter leads to no 'dead time' waiting for the spectator to choose anything. The fact that in this routine it's the magician himself who gets fleeced makes it particularly audience-friendly and gets the spectators to laugh with the magician (or is it at?).

Mechanically, the trick requires two card moves which, if you've done any amount of card handling, should come easily. If you haven't, the instructions may not be completely clear on the moves in question. I strongly recommend watching the demo at to see an audience-eye-view of the moves as that clears things up a great deal (and hearing the patter's 'live' isn't a bad thing either).

The trick packs small, plays to a reasonable number of people, and it's less than $10. A nice one to keep in your arsenal if you do any sort of walk-around and are willing to portray yourself as the 'mark'.
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Product info for Color Monte

Author: Temple, Jim
Publisher: Emmerson & West
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $7.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

One of the all time great card tricks, created by Jim Temple. It's a monte routine using cards with different colored diamonds. Two of the diamonds are red, one is blue -- but no one can locate the odd card, for now all three are red. No, wait -- all three are blue. No, that's wrong -- here's a red, here's a blue. What color is the third card? It might be red... it might be it red and blue? No, it's green. The patter is supplied for a really entertaining story about a gambler and a guy who just can't win any way he tries. The card handling is easy, and the specially printed cards are done in a metallic ink that looks great. Comes in a leatherette case with cards and full instructions.

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