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CIA Review

Official Review

April 27th, 2015 5:05pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I really didn’t care for this DVD very much.


I must say, I was disappointed with the gimmick. It is not something new, and I have seen different versions of this same gimmick many times before. in fact, variations of this gimmick go back hundreds of years.

In the intro to the three routines, Magick says these are “just beginner routines”. In other words, he didn’t put a lot of thought into creating some great routines.

In one of the routines, a half baked book test idea, he says you can hand the gimmick to a participant as long as they don’t turn it over. Did he really say that? Clear evidence he didn’t put a lot of thought into that routine.

So, you get a gimmick that has been done for centuries and three routines that were not given a great deal of thought.


Old gimmick and barely thought out routines.

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Author: Balay, Magic
Publisher: The Blue Crown
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Powerful & Direct

CIA is a versatile utility device that allows you to read the thoughts of your spectator and gain hidden information. The brainchild of Magick Balay, CIA includes custom-made gimmicks that can be used for a variety of powerful effects.

DVD + Custom Gimmicks

Magick will teach you 3 stunning routines that can be used with CIA - a card divination, a book test, and a red/black card separation. He also covers 3 bonus effects and several tips and tricks to apply the principles taught in CIA to your real-world performances.


The special CIA gimmicks are so practical that you can carry them with you every day! The effects possible with CIA are perfect for walk-around, table-hopping, at school, in the office, and at your professional gigs.

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