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Pocket Money Review

Official Review

March 24th, 2015 5:40am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Question: What do you get when you cross Mark Mason with Wayne Dobson? Answer: Astonishing magic that is easy to perform and guaranteed to impress.

With Pocket Money, the performer takes five coins out of a small red velvet bag that is just large enough to hold them. The coins are shown to be from different countries and then placed on a table. Then, the performer places them one of top of the other, in a row, so that most of the face of each of the five coins is visible. The performer instructs the spectator to scoop up all five coins (which are visible) and place them in his pocket. Then, the spectator is told to and pulls two coins out of his pocket in a closed fist and the performer is able to predict one of the coins that is NOT in the spectator's hand. Then the spectator is told to and then pulls two more coins out of his pocket, again in a closed fist. This time, the performer IS able to predict which two coins are in his hand. Then, when the spectator reaches to pull the fifth and final coin out of his pocket, it miraculously is missing. No one touched the spectator or his pocket and the spectator and everyone else around the table saw the spectator pick up five coins. As if that were not enough, when the spectator is instructed to look at the small red bag, that has been sitting untouched on the table since the coins were removed from it, the missing coin is in there. Pure amazement! The audience is befuddled. Although this trick can also be performed by placing the coins in an obedient's spectator's hand, I recommend using a table for this back-to-back prediction and coin vanish.

You do not need to use all of the coins that were supplied with this trick and can swap in other coins from other countries, for the most part. The coin that disappears is the same every time, but you can still repeat this great trick a second time for the same audience, with just a bit of patter change. The principal behind this trick is not new and many magicians may already have a gimmick that can accomplish this trick, but not as effectively and perfectly as the included gimmick. The craftsmanship of this gimmick is superior and could not be better. The gimmick can pass inspection and is guaranteed to fool. The reset takes about one second. The ad copy and the promotional video are as accurate as can be.

The price tag for this trick is ultimately reasonable in light of the fact that the gimmick is of the highest quality. If there ever comes a day that this trick is taken out of production, you will regret not anteing up.

This easy to perform trick can make a beginner look like a seasoned magician.

Product info for Pocket Money

Author: Wayne Dobson
Publisher: JB Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $80.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

We all know when magic happens in a spectators hand, it becomes more powerful. Pocket Money allows the magic to happen in a spectator POCKET. This is incredible for laymen to have a coin vanish from their own pocket leaves them speechless.

Five random coins from around the world, are removed from a small velvet bag. They are placed onto the table. The spectator is asked to pick them up and drop ALL FIVE into their pocket (ANY POCKET). After two seemingly impossible predictions, they are asked to remove the last coin from their pocket.

As crazy as it sounds the last coin has vanished from inside the spectators pocket, The reactions this gets are incredible. The last is found back inside the small velvet bag.

This routine is a typical piece of genius, from Wayne Dobson. Its simple, direct, mind-blowing magic.

Although Pocket Money is a complete set of five coins, The new handling allows you to change up to 4 of the coins, to any you wish from any country, so this is truly a global effect that makes sense in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

The gimmick is made by our in house coin expert. It is extra powerful to make sure the gimmick engages every time.

Wayne Dobson has created countless pieces over magic over the last few decades. Many of these effects I have been involved in producing for the magic fraternity. Pocket Money might just be his best close up trick ever.

Your Pocket Money set includes:

4 Coins from around the world (all interchangeable)
1 Precision crafted gimmick
1 Velvet bag
1 Instructional DVD

When you combine the inventiveness of Wayne Dobson with the demonstration skills of Mark Mason, you're usually in for a treat. And Pocket Money is just such a treat.

I've been able to try this out at a few holiday parties already, and the reactions from the spectator is what we dream off.

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