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Early Dobson Vol 1 - DVD Review

Official Review

March 24th, 2015 5:40am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
I consider Wayne Dobson to be a great performer and magician. His comedic timing and presentation is brilliant. Despite his inability to perform today due to multiple sclerosis, he continues to produce and release tricks and develop amazing ideas. This DVD however, is not new material. Instead, this DVD republishes old television performances, mostly 1989 appearances from the Joe Longthorne Show. The DVD contains Dobson performing seven solid tricks and routines, some with cards and some with coins. Some of the coin tricks will require that you have a gimmick that is not included with the DVD. After each clip, Mike Sullivan explains and demonstrates how to perform each trick with clarity. In addition to the seven tricks performed by Dobson, Sullivan performs a newly published card trick, Flip, and then teaches it.

Because the performances are from the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, the quality of the old video performances do not measure up to today’s high definition standards.

The ad copy and promotional video are accurate since they really don’t make any claims.

If by some chance you are unfamiliar with Dobson, you may not get a sense of how amazingly creative and funny he is since the clips are short. For that reason, I was disappointed. I expected to get more footage of Dobson and would have been pleased to watch hours of his past work. In the past, I have scoured the internet watching old Dobson performances and have enjoyed his creativity and showmanship. I wish this DVD had more footage.

Also on the DVD is Dobson’s very funny recent Ice Bucket Challenge, a typed written message from Wayne and edited snippets of conversation between Dobson and Sullivan, which at some points is difficult to understand.

This is a worthwhile DVD with fooling routines that were good enough for Wayne Dobson to perform on TV. There will surely be a few things in this DVD for everyone.

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Author: Dobson, Wayne
Publisher: Wayne Dobson
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Early Dobson - Volume 1

This is Dtrik's latest release, Early Dobson Vol. 1. Wayne Dobson is proud to present this rediscovered archive TV performance footage of some of his ?nest close up material, performed in his classic style in front of a live studio audience and on various TV show guest appearances. Now with the help of his Right (and Left) hand man Mike Sullivan, 8 powerful 'Real World' effects are explained in detail, covering the methods and routining, in order for you to add them to your magic repertoire.

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