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Bewildered Review

Official Review

November 16th, 2003 11:25am
Reviewed by David Acer
With a simple, unassuming cover design, this is just the kind of trick that often goes ignored in the display case at your local magic shop. However, when it's demonstrated, it's a guaranteed sale.

The magician introduces a 5" x 7" envelope, stating that it contains a prediction. He then deals cards face down, one at a time onto the envelope, tilting it such that each card slides to the table, forming a pile. The spectator calls stop whenever he wishes, whereupon the magician gives him the choice of either the card on the envelope, the last card dealt onto the pile, or the next card on top of the deck. The spectator makes his choice. The cards on the table are turned face up, showing them all to be different. The remaining cards in the deck are turned face up, showing them to be different. But when the prediction (a jumbo card) is removed from the envelope, it matches the selection!

Created by Phil Matlin (who also devised the cunning effect, Silver Sanctums), the only downside to this wonderful trick is that it requires a modicum of table-space. Other than that, it fools one and all, without sleights, roughing fluid, switches or gimmicked envelopes.

David Acer

Product info for Bewildered

Author: Matlin, Phil
Publisher: Perfect Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $8.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

Magician deals a card onto an envelope he is holding and tilts the envelope slightly and the card slides to the table. He continues this procedure explaining that in the envelope is a prediction card. He tells a spectator to stop him at any time. On the spectator's command, the magician stops. The one he picks is the one given to him to hold with the envelope. Not only does the card match the jumbo prediction card in the envelope, but the cards on the table are exposed showing them to be different. The magician continues dealing from his hand, now turning the cards face up one at a time. The audience is left Bewildered! No rough and smooth, no double face cards at all, no stooges or confederates, no deck or card switches. Clever and easy to do. Clear instructions, deck of cards, envelope and jumbo prediction card are all included.

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