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Automatic Coffee Stirrer Review

Official Review

November 13th, 2003 10:57am
Reviewed by David Acer
A simple plot combined with an engaging premise make this paddle trick greater than the sum of its parts.

While at a restaurant (ideally), the magician introduces his new invention -- an Automatic Coffee Stirrer. The stirrer is a stylized popsicle stick with a straight line running down its length. He removes the stirrer from its sheath, then shows it on both sides, pointing out the straight line on each.

"This line is a shock absorber, so when you hit the side of your cup..."

He taps the stick against a cup, whereupon the line suddenly buckles, becoming a zig zag.

"It absorbs the shock."

He shows the zig zag on both sides.

"AND it's reusable."

With a gentle tug on the end of the popiscle stick, the line becomes straight again (on both sides, of course), whereupon the stick is returned to its sheath to await use again.

In an interview for the Canadian Assocation of Magicians newsletter, Guy Camirand states that, at conventions, he would only demonstrate this to magicians if they were standing at the booth with their wives (my apologies for the assumption here that all magicians are male). For some reason, women (and, presumably, men in touch with their feminine sides) find the trick especially charming. Moreover, magicians in general ignore the effect because they "already know the paddle move."

They are missing the point. This is a fun, simple, magical effect, and it's well worth the modest asking price to throw it in your pocket when you're going down to the coffee shop. It would also serve as a fine opener for restaurant workers!

David Acer

Product info for Automatic Coffee Stirrer

Author: Camirand, Guy
Publisher: Camirand Academy of Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $5.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Magicians call it cute, laymen call it a miracle!

The magician approaches a table, introducing his brand new invention - an "automatic coffee stirrer" with built-in shock absorber.

  • He removes the stirrer from its sheath, pointing out a thin line running right down its length.

  • When the stirrer hits the side of a mug, the shock absorber kicks in, and the line visibly wrinkles into a zig zag pattern!

  • However, the magician comments, his invention is also reusable, as the line straightens out right before their eyes!

It's the perfect icebreaker, and very commercial. Comes with stirrer, sheath and illustraded instruction booklet written by Gary Ouellet.

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