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Dark Card, The Review

Official Review

November 13th, 2003 10:56am
Reviewed by David Acer
Jean Boucher has created a color-changing, signed selected card that defies explanation. A card is chosen from (say) a blue-backed deck, withdrawn from the pack, autographed by the spectator, then returned to the deck.

The magician snaps his fingers, then spreads the cards face down, either between his hands, or on the table, showing one card to now be red-backed! The spectator is invited to remove the card, finding it to be his own signed selection!

The spectator handles his chosen card before and after the change, and can keep it as a souvenir at the end of the trick!

This is a nearly self-working method for a classic plot that achieves the rare feat of looking cleaner than most of its sleight-of-hand counterparts. It's inexpensive, comes with a detailed instruction booklet produced in the Camirand Academy tradition, and two "special somethings," one to present the trick with a red-backed Bicycle deck, the other with a blue-backed Bicycle deck.

Your mission will be to conceive of an emotional hook to make people care about the color-change, beyond the fact of their being fooled by the effect itself (though rest assured, they will be fooled!).

David Acer

Product info for Dark Card, The

Author: Boucher, Jean
Publisher: Camirand Academy of Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $8.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This one is dynamite, and a real fooler!

  • A card is chosen from a red-backed deck and signed across the face, then returned to the pack.

  • The magician snaps his fingers over the deck, whereupon it is spread, showing one blue-backed card clearly visible in the centre!

  • That card is removed and turned face-up, showing it to be the signed selection!

  • Remember, the card is handled by the spectator both before and after the change, and can even be left as a souvenir!

Take note that you can execute your favorite signed card routine before revealing that the signed selection back has changed color.

Use your own deck plus our "special something". Comes with booklet by Gary Ouellet, and more ideas from Bob Farmer and Phil Matlin.

Refills available.

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