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The Magic Of Suzanne: The Castle Act (2 DVD Set) Review

Official Review

February 6th, 2015 9:42am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Suzanne: The Castle Act

I host a weekly radio show and Suzanne was a guest on the show last year. I've had several conversations with her since then, but I had never seen her work. I bought this DVD and was surprised to find that this was one of the best DVD sets I had seen in years.

It is a breakdown of her castle act with her teaching the card routines, but not teaching her signature Band-Aid routine or cups and balls routine. More on that later.

A while back I reviewed a DVD were Franz Harrary did a live commentary of his illusion show. Even though I may never do an illusion show I found this extremely entertaining and insightful. It really opened my eyes to the complexities of an illusion show. This DVD does the same with a close-up show.

You see the complete 20 minute Magic Castle act, and then you can watch it back with Suzanne doing an audio commentary breaking down how she handles spectators, misdirection, and the creative process. I know I may be in the minority here but I find this kind of information far more valuable than tricks.

That said, the tricks that are taught are wonderful. She teaches her complete ambitious card routine with a blank deck, and her card to pocket routine. Both of these are workhorses and can be adapted to close up and parlor shows. The technique on these are very intermediate so it's well within the skill range of just about any card magician, which means you can focus completely on the audience, which Suzanne does. The two routines not taught are published, and the credits show where you can go to learn them. That said, Suzanne does share invaluable insights into the presentational secrets in the interview and commentary.

Whether or not you are a fan of her style you can't deny that when she is in front of a group, she owns the room, and she is completely charming. To me, the secrets of how she interacts with the group are far more valuable than how she technically accomplishes a cups and balls routine.

This DVD set not only includes alternate performances, it includes performances with vocal audiences and quiet audiences. This allows you to see Suzanne in the zone with a hot audience, as well as with a quieter audience where she has to work to draw them in more.

This is the closest thing to a perfect "theory" DVD I have seen in a long time. It should be ranked among sets like "Visions of Wonder" by Tommy Wonder to allow future magicians to see a master, that they may never have the chance to meet, at work.

This gets my highest rating of "Required Study" and Five Stars

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Product info for The Magic Of Suzanne: The Castle Act (2 DVD Set)

Author: Suzanne
Publisher: Anthony Asimov Magic
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"A joy to watch! From her opening to her closer, Suzanne's thinking and personality are on full display. Suzanne's magic is proof that strong magic powered by personality will deliver exceptional results! Watch... Listen... Learn."
- Paul Gertner

"Suzanne is a magician who has studied, worked, and walks the walk. Her routines combine a sure knowledge of technique with a gift for construction. On top of it all lies her searingly unstoppable brand of showmanship. She is, simply put, a powerhouse."
- David Regal

"For a long time, no one had ever heard of Suzanne because she had been working all the time. I met her 30 years ago and have been tracking her career ever since. She has the kind of chops that one gets after doing this 10,000 times. Now, as Close-Up Magician of the Year, she has decided to share some of the real secrets of magic... Not only the how but the why... sign me up for this information!"
- Doc Eason

"Yes, she has the skill, the showmanship, the energy, and all those other things that make for a great close-up performer. More than that, Suzanne shows her human side. This is what makes an entertainer stand out, more so than what he or she does, because it forges a bond, an emotional connection, that turns spectators into fans -- and performers into stars. And that's what Suzanne is: a star."
- Ariel Frailich

"The Magic of Suzanne: The Castle Act" is ISSUE #4 in the Black Rabbit Series, which features outstanding professional magicians from around the world who perform full shows for live un-coached audiences.

Suzanne is the only woman to win the coveted "Close-Up Magician of the Year" award from the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle). In this 2-DVD set, you will learn Suzanne's valuable secrets on how to properly structure a magical performance to create a standout show, as well as some fabulous magic. If you want to become a better performer of magic, get ready for some serious note taking!

Volume 1
Filmed live at The Magic Castle, you'll be captivated by the same show that consistently earns Suzanne standing ovations, and ultimately won her the prestigious award. Suzanne performs her most famous effects: "Let's Play Together," "Coming Home III," "A Mother's Love," and "The Journey." Also included are three commentaries, each one taking you further inside Suzanne's thinking as she analyzes and discusses her own performances. Alternate live performances of her favorite routines, a 30-minute interview in which Suzanne talks about her unique magical journey, and footage from her acceptance of the "Close-Up Magician of the Year" award, are also featured.

Volume 2
Go behind the scenes with Suzanne and guest host, Matt Marcy, as they explain step-by-step how to perform "Let's Play Together" and "Coming Home III," Suzanne's workhorse card routines that she's relied on for decades. Suzanne even discusses her unique deck switcher in detail, a device she uses in every performance. You will also be inspired by thought-provoking discussions on how to create a signature trick, how to find the perfect story for a routine, and how to incorporate archetypes into your show to craft a dynamic character-driven performance.

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