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Nu-Die Mystery Review

January 9th, 2015 2:11am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Within my collection, are two boxes-both labeled 'Dime Store Magic'. Within THESE, are a collection of the tricks that I first discovered many moons ago-back when a trip to Woolworth's meant a hotdog, a coke with crushed ice in a paper cone, and...moving straight to that one aisle that had that showcase of Adam's magic tricks. Pure JOY! The EZ magic line, was found at a local costume shop, that had a magic showcase. I was and am still 'conditioned' by the logos and package designs from Adams, Royal, and EZ-for these were my initial introduction into the realm of mystery. I see them: I'm happy! (although that Royal Magic Swami is STILL brooding-what's up with that guy?)

I can probably thank Marshall Brodein as well. Thing is, that I got Nu Die Mystery pretty recently-as it was one of those tricks I never got around to getting way back when.

I opened the box, and I found probably the cheapest looking dice, a plastic frame, and a thin black shoelace. Props that maybe cost 3 cents to put together? Cereal box/gumball machine props. EZ Magic I recall, also put out God knows how many die boxes, based on the larger stage trick-likewise rendered in uttlerly cheap plastic. Unfortunate, but it's not like so many kids have a big magic budget.

Thing is, tricks like this HAD something-a principal, or method that worked. I consider Fab Magic's recent 'Deluxe Chinese Prayer Vase' made in ceramic-or Alan Wong's Baby Jade Rings-or Chinese sticks, made of real bamboo, wood, or higher grade metal. Tricks that may have started out well made, then, went the way of mass produced plastic junk. So, as I see some of these 'mysteries' being brought back again in higher form, I consider THIS trick as worthy of the same.

Noone's making it, but it's simple enough to remake in wood, with a couple of basic tools, and some wood from the craft store. Some paint, varnish, and there may be some hope yet for this little trick. The effect is identical to 'Spirit Nut'-but with the additional security measure of stringing the die into a frame. This detail, adds more impossibility, and it's the frame that can decorated and made more interesting. Like 'Spirit Nut', all is examinable at the start and finish.

Like 'Spirit Nut', the greater trick is getting people to care about the props, and the actions that take place. Well presented, this trick I believe is worthwhile. It's related to yet another mass produced in plastic escape, in which a ball is threaded by two cords, all of which go into a clear plastic box-vioala, the ball and box escape. Visit Richard Baker's online shop, and the same trick is there, rendered in fine wood-something WORTH showing due to the classiness of props. Surely these are old school tricks, but as familiar as I may be with them, non magic lay folks don't even know that they exsist. I'll end this with a couple of stars for the idea, and nearly none, for the unfortunate rendition.

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Show a red plastic frame with a string through it and a die threaded to the string, in the center of the frame. Spectator holds both ends of string tightly. Die penetrates the string and may be examined.

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