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Bicycle Pluma Deck (Orange) Review

Official Review

January 7th, 2015 3:42am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The Pluma cards come in two colors; blue and orange. The design of the backs, the tuck, and the court cards are exquisite. This deck (particularly the Blue) is a favorite of mine.

The cards are printed on standard Bicycle 808 stock and have the same feel and finish as your everyday Bikes. However, the design and shape of the pips are different (they are less rounded) than your regular rider backs and the red color in the pips are flatter, and not as bright as the standard riders.

Also, the corner index pips are significantly smaller than what you are used to if you carry standard riders and the court card art is different. First off, the court cards are printed in only a few colors, all of which are similar and make the pictures almost look monochromatic. The Blue Plumas are printed in light blue, brown, black, white and a darker, but flat blue. The Orange Plumas are printed in light orange, brown, black, white and a darker, but flat orange. The court card portraits are slightly different than standard riders, particularly the design of the clothing.

Interestingly, the Ace of Spades is different than the rest of the Plumas because the corner index “A” is not small (and in fact it is the same size as standard riders, and the design of the corner index spade is the only one that is the same design and style as the standards rider backed pips. The Jokers have not been altered and are both black and white.

The design and style of these cards are pleasing not only to the card handler, but spectators as well.

Product info for Bicycle Pluma Deck (Orange)

Author: US Playing Card Co.
Publisher: US Playing Card Co.
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Pluma Deck features a blend of tribal and avian imagery, and is an updated version of a historic plate in the Bicycle® archives.

The Pluma Deck features original artwork on the tuck, card back and the Ace of Spades. These decks were printed in the USA at the United States Playing Card Company and printed on premium stock with a quality finish.

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