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Bicycle Everyday Zombie Deck Review

Official Review

January 22nd, 2015 6:28am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
I can admit it. I have a hard time walking past a new deck of Bikes that I have not seen before, without buying it. With this deck, however, it took my 3rd trip to Walmart for me to break down and buy it. I am not sure why, especially since I love all things zombies. For some reason, this deck did not immediately grab me (by the throat), but I am happy it finally did. Once I opened the box, I was immediately infected (sorry). This deck really has a sense of humor.

Zombie artists Rob Sacchetto illustrated the 54 different cartoon zombies (52 playing cards and 2 Jokers) which were printed with the usual finish and feel of your standard Bicycle poker playing cards. The cards only have corner index pips which look like they have been painted in messy drippy paint and the face of each card has a different zombie character, which include, a zombie playing cards, hitting a golf ball, vacuuming, taking out the garbage, flying a kite, mowing the lawn, doing yoga, scuba diving.... I think you get the picture. The face of each card is also splattered in blood (no, not real blood). The backs of the cards contain a full frame picture of a horde of tightly packed zombies, which looks really cool when you fan the deck face down or spread them on a table, especially because there is not white border.

The box itself contains some secret messages, which can be deciphered by filtering out the lowercase letters from the capital letters in the otherwise ordinary text i.e. eveRydAy zomBIES.

The illustrator's website is where you can further explore the artist's work, which includes zombie portraits of Spock (Leonard Nimoy), English Royalty, Wonder Woman, Santa and others. And, of course, for a small wad of PayPal cash, Sacchetto will do your own zombie portrait, or your pet's portrait, from an emailed photo.

This is not a serious deck, but it is one that I am seriously happy I bought.

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Product info for Bicycle Everyday Zombie Deck

Author: US Playing Card Co.
Publisher: US Playing Card Co.
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Retail Price: $5.51
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Manufacturer's Description:

This deck features 52 unique zombies in the middle of their everyday routines, and was illustrated by renowned zombie portrait artist Rob Sacchetto.

Rob Sacchetto is the original zombie portrait artist. Since 2006, he has illustrated and hand painted thousands of custom zombie portraits, with commissions from Tom Savini, George Romero, and Max Brooks. These cards are a celebration of his work, featuring spooky characters from gamers to grandmas to guitarists.

The Everyday Zombie deck contains original artwork on the front and back of each card, as well as the tuck. Made in the USA at The United States Playing Card Company on premium stock with a quality finish.

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