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Ring Fling Review

December 31st, 2014 7:27am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
In my so called endless quest for ring and rope/string effects, I saw this, and got a copy. Before I continue, I will say that the promo video is ALL that I saw, and there isn't much to read. The video begins-it BEGINS at the end of a move that is so critical to the routine, that I am amazed that it was left out of the promo vid. Amazed, and not too thrilled, because the video starts with that ring melting off, before getting tossed back on in a blink. So, this move that I refer to, is a small series of moves.

The instructions describe them, the photos only partially show them-and there are enough of them, that getting them to be smooth AND undetected poses more of a challenge than other moves I know of with this small ring. A move monkey, may dive right into this. But, anyone, including youngsters, may fare better looking at say decades of routines that have been composed using this ring-which, indeed is a Jardin Ellis style ring. Which brings me to the NEXT problem with this trick. The ring that comes with this is J.E. style, but it is a more cheaply made version-thicker, slippery, with a shell that does not fit so well-this all compared with a Johnson J.E. ring, which, in my experience is the BEST ring of this type.

So, what is paid for here, is a pair of moves, no patter or routine, a nice piece of cotton cord, and a ring that is more difficult to handle than the Johnson version. Further, the series of moves that DON'T show up in the video routine-would have been better explained in a dvd-for they are not, in my opinion, natural, and will take time to work out, photos or not.

Considering how much can be done with other gaff rings, and also non gaffed rings, this trick lacks-it's presented just like the video: off it comes, on it goes. It reduces a beautiful trick to, about 10 seconds?! I just shared some words on this site about Daryl's Ring and Rope routine, as I reviewed Still Ringing, by Aldo Colombini. You'll get so much there; here, you'll get much much less, and, it's more difficult I think than anything else.

The ring you get,I think is a poor justification for the cost of the entire-complete with ultra dramatic cover photo, which looks more appropriate for a motion picture opening logo, than appropriate for a trick this quick and potentially tedious.

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Author: Oberon, Marc
Publisher: Marc Oberon
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Retail Price: $15.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

After visibly melting a solid ring through a rope it instantly penetrates back before being handed out for examination.

Visually stunning

Includes rope, ring and precision gimmick

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