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Inner Secrets of Professional Magic Review

Official Review

October 24th, 2003 7:03pm
Reviewed by David Acer
For some unknown reason, Paul Daniels has decided to release a DVD containing a selection of close-up and (in a few cases) stand-up effects, none of which are his, but all of which he has personalized and/or refined to varying degrees.

The Boomerang Rubber Band is an old schoolyard stunt wherein a rubber band is shot from the fingers (one-handed!), then hits the ground and rolls back towards the performer. It's tricky to do, but Paul gives you the "real work" (i.e. what bands work best, the proper grip, where and when to apply pressure, etc.).

The Penetrating Rubber Band is Paul's take on what is now commonly known as the Crazy Man's Handcuffs, using the stem of a wine glass in place of one of the two rubber bands. The result is a pristine penetration, perhaps more convincing than the original, if only because one can see the band through the glass as it penetrates.

The Classic Force, The Sloppy Classic Force and The Classic Force Behind Your Back all offer, if nothing else, fine examples of how a lifelong devotion to one move can reward the devotee with a technique that is perfectly symbiotic with his own natural body language. Paul's execution of the Classic Force is so relaxed, so disarming, it works virtually every time, and that's a lesson in itself.

Knot In The Rope and Knot In The Tie are the same, very old one-handed technique for causing a knot to appear in a length of rope (or tie).

The Colour Changing Cards offers three hoary methods for changing one card at the face of the deck into another. All of these look magical, but most magicians will already be familiar with them.

In addition, Paul discusses The Double Lift, two old bar stunts with a dollar bill, a few basic coin vanishes that predate Christ, and some tips on practicing.

There are no complete routines here, just "bits and bobbles" (as Paul calls them), and the crediting is non-existent, unless you count statements like "I saw this in a pamphlet," "I read it in a real old book dated about 1905," or "When I was younger, I devised this, which other people have devised as well" (this was in reference to the FREAKIN DOWNS PALM!!!).

I'm not entirely sure who this DVD is for, but if any of these effects sound interesting, I guess it was you.

David Acer

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Author: Paul Daniels
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For the first time ever, Paul teaches many of the routines and effects he is famous for. Includes the classic force (even behind your back), the boomerang band, and many coin and card tricks. Includes: The Boomerang Rubber Band, The Penetrating Rubber Band, The Classic Force, The Sloppy Classic Force, The Classic Force Behind your Back, Knot in the Rope, Knot in the Tie, The Double Lift, The Colour Changing Cards, The Toss Vanish, Napkin Vanishing Coin, Paul's Vanishing Coin Routine, Changing the Face on a Bank Note.

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