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Killer Red Caps Review

Official Review

December 17th, 2014 1:53am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a terrible product! The method is totally unreliable. This is not a situation where you might be able to practice to get better. The method has it's inherent limitations which make it completely unreliable.

That is really all that needs to be said about this product.


Unreliable method!



Product info for Killer Red Caps

Author: Monaco, Roger
Publisher: Bob Kohler
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Devastating, professional, close up mentalism from Rodger Monaco. A completely new method that has baffled the experts. The Effect, You have five red caps placed on a table. Spectator picks up an object, let's say a grape lifesaver. While your back is turned or while you leave the room, the spectator places the lifesaver under any one of the caps. When you turn around (or re-enter the room), you immediately tell which cap it's under. You can repeat the effect as many times as you like and the spectator won't have any idea how you've done it. Apparent psychic ability at your fingertips. Can be performed totally surrounded, instantly repeatable for the same audience, and it's virtually self working. Comes complete with the necessary "Killer Red Caps" and routines by Rodger Monaco and Bob Kohler.

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