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Back at the Castle Again Review

Official Review

January 3rd, 2015 5:27am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is an excellent set of lecture notes. I gave this 4.5 out of 5 stars only because of a minor irritant. Each routine isn’t separated by a page break. I really like to print a single routine and read it carefully on paper. However many routines start in the middle of the page after the previous routine. OK, the flip side is if you print the whole thing, you are probably saving a few pages. OK, so tree huggers rejoice! Enough silly rant.

The routines are excellent. Here is a brief review of each routine:

Twisting Dai Vernon: This is a very nice version of Dai’s Twisting the Aces routine. What makes it unique is two things: It has a very nice cleanup and ends in an ace revelation.

Any Thought Card, Any Number: This, of course, is an ACAAN plot routine. This effect works well, but it’s not my favorite. The PRO is it is relatively easy to do and it works brilliantly. The CON is it requires two prepared decks.

Sleeves Up Mercury: A nice touch on how to do the Mercury Card fold better.

What’s the Difference: This is a nice triple card selection using a gimmicked card box that can be easily made.

In-Jog Riffle Force: A nice force that appears to be a “free choice”.

Killing Time: This is an effect based on the clock principle where a spectator thinks of an hour on a clock and that many cards are dealt and the card matches your prediction card. If you like mathematical routines, then check this one out. I’m not a big fan of routines that involve a lot of specific direction, as they seem like there is a hidden math solution to the problem, rather than magic. But, if you like mathematical routines, this one is very good.

Impossible Signed Card To: This is a signed card to wallet. The routine is nice, but I think there are ways to do this effect with far less setup. This routine involves several gimmicked cards and a gimmicked card box. It doesn’t require a special wallet. For a card to any wallet, I prefer Any Signed Card to Any Spectator's Wallet by Jeff Kaylor and Michael Ammar or Wallet Transformer by Cameron Francis.

Final Fusion: This is a great two card transposition that ends with the two signed cards fused together. One of the interesting elements in this is he incorporates David Williamson’s peeling of the signature gag/effect.

Invisibility: This is possibly one of the best routines for the invisible deck ever! A really well thought out routine for how to get the most out of the invisible deck.

Alls Fair Sandwich: To be fair, I’m not sure I really understood this effect. If I understand what I read, I think there is a risk in the participant seeing something they shouldn’t. You will need to judge for yourself.

Table-Less Triumph: This is an excellent version of Triumph that is done standing, without a table. If you get a chance to see Jonathan Levit’s Magic Castle Lecture entitled “Ahead of the Game”, I think that a combination of both of their ideas on the Triumph routine would be a great inspiration to create your own version of the best standing Triumph ever.


My only negative about this was my rant at the beginning that the separate routines are not separated by a page break in the e-book. Minor irritant. Other than that, this is a great e-book!


Get it!

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Author: Cody Fisher
Publisher: Cody Fisher
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Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

In this E-Book you will find 11 "workers" from Cody's 2006 Magic Castle lecture.

Partial contents include:

Sleeves Us Mercury”A completely invisible and totally silent method of folding a card. Can be done quickly or slowly…and is totally silent!

Killing Time”Originally published in Cody's UK lecture notes…a real magician fooler!

Impossible Signed Card To Any Wallet”No special wallet…No palming!

Final Fusion”The MOST IMPOSSIBLE signature fusion routine around. Cody performed this on his Germany lecture tour…this is THE FIRST time this has been released in the U.S.

All's Fair Sandwich”A sandwich routine specifically designed to fool magicians!

In-Jog Riffle Force”The easiest (and most fair) manner to force a card.

Plus 5 More Miracles…

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