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Split Second (Blue) Review

Official Review

December 12th, 2014 11:02am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Split Second is one of three of Nicholas Lawrence’s new releases by Sans Mind Magic. It is a great opener for a card trick. In Split Second, the performer takes out his wallet and removes a dollar bill. With a quick top-to-bottom turn of the bill, it instantly morphs into a normal deck of Bicycle cards, which can be used for a card trick.

Split Second comes with their typical very well produced DVD, which is 33 minutes, and narrated by Herman from Sans Mind. The materials to construct the gimmick, which are needed to perform the trick, are also included. The trick is available for red and blue Bicycle cards.

The DVD presents a studio performance of the effect and walks through how to present it step-by-step, which is easy to do. Making the gimmick is fairly easy and takes about 10 minutes. The DVD clearly and slowly demonstrates how to build the gimmick without the confusion that is typical of many instructional videos, because the gimmick is built real-time on the DVD.

While performing the trick there are significant angle consideration to be aware of or the effect will fail. Split Second takes only a few seconds to perform and although it can be done as a stand-alone trick, it is more impactful if you immediately go into another trick. Using this trick as the first step of a card trick will substantially side-step the requests to see the card box, which cannot be inspected. And, incidentally, the dollar bill cannot be physically inspected before it transforms into the deck of cards.

The DVD also shows the trick in which a dollar bill turns into a pack of gum. Although it is not taught how to build this gimmick, it is intuitive once you have created the dollar-to-card gimmick.

The ad copy is accurate and the promotional video accurately depicts how the trick appears to spectators.

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Author: Lawrence, Nicholas
Publisher: SM Productionz
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Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine being able to pull out a SINGLE bill from your wallet.
Give it a twirl.
The bill turns into a full deck of cards!

A perfect opener for any card routines. Wow your audience even before the routine starts.
This is Split Second.

Gimmick included.

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