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At the Table Live Lecture - Marcus Eddie 7/2/2014 (download) Review

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December 11th, 2014 3:05am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Marcus Eddie presents a stable full of great magic, in two-and-a-half hours and clearly explains almost everything he performs. He has high energy, is likeable, and this is a worthy download by a great magician, close-up performer and creator. I have already watched this lecture twice and will likely watch it again, soon.

After a humorous mock-commercial starring Marcus Eddie and Mike Hankins, Marcus Eddie starts the show with a series of three close-up magic tricks using everyday items; breath strips, glasses, and a key ring. After the three effects, Eddie gives a clear how-to explanation of each trick and indicates that he wanted to use every day items that are always “lying around.” Although the lecture only has two explained card tricks, the absence is not missed because the lecture is filled with great lessons with ordinary items. In fact, later in the lecture, Eddie explains that doing tricks with ordinary items sets him apart from most magicians who work with cards because so many spectators automatically remark “ “I’ve seen this trick” the second they see a deck of cards. Eddie does not get that reaction because his blend of close-up magic with everyday items keeps the audience guessing what is coming next.

The first trick that Eddie explains is a beginner-level trick, “Fresh” with the breath strips package. In Fresh, the performer offers a spectator a breath strip, from what turns out to be an empty package. The surprised performer then closes the box, shakes it and it magically fills up with new breath strips. Then Eddie takes a breath strip container and a Quarter, and with a quick motion pushes the container onto the Quarter, which is balancing on one finger, and the Quarter ends up inside the container. Then he pours the Quarter out of the box and puts the box and the Quarter and the container in a spectator’s hand and asks the spectator to close his hand. When he opens his hand, the Quarter is in the container and the spectator realizes that unlike when the performer poured the Quarter out of the breath strip box, he cannot do the same.

In “Focus”, Eddie takes off his glasses, and one of the lenses pops out. After polishing the popped out lens and blowing on it, the lens disappears and magically re-appears in the glasses frame.

In “Something Borrowed”, Eddie takes a key ring out his pocket and instructs a spectator to thread a finger ring onto key ring. This process takes a few laboring seconds. The spectator hands back the key ring to magician and the ring visually pops on and off the key ring. The magical jumping continues and it is a fun and entertaining trick which is easy to perform

During the course of the lecture, there is live feed Q&A and the audio quality from the audience is not that clear, although you get the gist of what is being said. Eddie discussed his philosophy on close-up magic, performing and being comfortable with palming and presenting tricks as well as his love of magic. Interestingly, Eddie indicates that the less afraid you are of making mistakes the more successful you will be. He credits Paul Harris, Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz, Curtis Kam and Dan Harlan as being his influences. During the lecture, Eddie flips between various camera angles so you can see the sleights and the secret moves that are hidden from the audience.

Then Eddie performs and teaches a wonderful jumbo Spellbound coin routine in which the coins vanish, transpose and turn into bills. He teaches with great detail the handling and moves necessary to master this routine, availing himself of the birds-eye view and numerous studio cameras to aid in the instruction. Explains instant transformation from penny to dime.

Eddie performs and excellently teaches “Paper Cut” which is an easy impromptu trick that can be performed with any two dollar bills where one solid bill visibly passes through another solid bill.

In one of the highlight effects, “Stairway”, Eddie creates a ladder with two rubber bands between his two hands. The spectator folds a dollar bill around the bottom rung of the rubber band and it impossibly jumps up (and down) the ladder one rung at a time. The effect is killer, requires some practice if you have never worked with rubber bands, and once mastered you will never leave home without two rubber bands around your wrist. This amazing effect is totally impromptu. Eddie called it the “money maker” or the “tip getter” trick, and for good reason.

He then demonstrates, but does not explain Arm Band, which is a trick in which he apparently is holding rubber band in one hand and then “throws” it directly through his arm onto his wrist, which is a very cool $5 download available on

In Color Changing Bands, Eddie demonstrates a color changing rubber band trick in which a yellow rubber band wrapped around his finger turns blue in an instant. It is very visual, impromptu and very easy to do.

Then, after almost two hours, Eddie performs a few card tricks. Similar to when he started the lecture, he performs a series of three card tricks, but this time only explains two out of three. First, he performs “Loaded” in which an empty card box is displayed and then with a twist of the box, a deck of cards appears in the box. This trick is currently on sale separately for download for $9.95. The price for that one trick is the going rate, which just demonstrates what a good deal this download is with hours of magic and conversation about the art.

Eddie then performs and explains “Separation” in which a mixed deck is shown and then in an instant fans the cards and they are separated by color. The explanation is simple and it is easy to do and will impress any spectator, with any borrowed deck. Then Eddie performs “Reconnect” in which he tears and restores a card. It is easy to perform with the home-made gimmick that he teaches you how to make.

For the finale, Eddie performs a new effect in which he asks the spectator three questions with three multiple choice answers and accurately predicted the answer to each question in advance, using a stack of post-it notes.

This lecture is a home-run for anyone looking to add to their close-up magic with fully explained and polished routines by a real pro. I highly recommend this download.

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Product info for At the Table Live Lecture - Marcus Eddie 7/2/2014 (download)

Author: Eddie, Marcus
Publisher: Murphys Magic Supplies
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Marcus Eddie: Marcus Eddie will fool you. Simple as that. If visual close-up magic is your thing, you definitely want to check out this lecture. Filled with jaw dropping effects that utilize MORE than just playing cards, Marcus will take you on a journey into his super funky-jazzy-style of magic. He adds a unique touch into his magic that is both visually appealing, and precisely fine-tuned and well crafted. Oh, did I mention that this is a close up lecture that DOESN'T focus on cards? Check out what Marcus will cover:

Fresh: Instantly refill an empty breath strip container.

Something Borrowed: Link and unlink a borrowed ring or key on a key tag.

Paper Cut: Two borrowed bills melt through each other. No gimmicks!

Focus: Magically repair Eye glass/shades.

Color Band: Visually change the color of a rubber band.

Separation: A shuffled deck magically separates itself, the blacks from the reds.

Reconnect: Any card is clearly seen and heard to be ripped, then restored with just a touch.

Post Predict: Predict choices with this utility system, featured in a new 'Mental Epic' style routine with different color Post-It pads.

Jumbo Spellbound: Marcus shows you his inner workings on jumbo coin magic.


Marcus shares with you his creative process, perception and defining what magic means to YOU. Learn about the man himself, as Marcus takes you on a journey on his growth in magic. He will share with you his ups and downs of taking risks, and will share with you the rewards of staying true to your dream.

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