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Dream Vacation Review

Official Review

December 4th, 2014 12:52am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

REVIEW: An excellent routine all around! Not only is it great magic, it is also a very entertaining routine. Jeff has a humorous approach to the routine that I think would be easy for anyone to customize to their own style. Jeff’s script is based on a humorous story of travelling across the border from Mexico. This is a plot that I think anyone can relate to in order to create their own version. Jeff has also clearly worked out good handling for the routine.

CAUTION: This routine is based on the use of an old film canister and a Mexican peso. Since it is a download, you will need to provide your own. Many people have old film canisters lying around, but they would likely be hard to find if you didn’t own one already. However, some of you more creative types may come up with a different way to apply the same principles.

BONUS: If have an old film canister, and you get the download, I think you might be able to modify the routine to use other currencies. The beauty of the routine is in using a foreign coin.

VERDICT: For the small price, this is a no-brainer. I think Jeff did a wonderful job with this little routine. I gave this four stars because the routine is good, but many people may not have an old film canister for the effect and will need to modify it.

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Author: Jeff Stone
Publisher: Stone Cold Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $3.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Effect: The magi weaves a story of smuggling Pesos across the Mexican border. Then demonstrates by placing a signed Peso in one hand and an empty (just examined) film canister in the other hand. The spectators hold onto the hand with the peso to keep it from escaping . . . yet the other hand (no where near the peso hand) shakes the Film Canister... silence . . . silence . . . then suddenly you HEAR the coin appear in the canister. It can be immediately handed to a spectator to open. No switches, no dups and everything is examinable before and after the performance. Don't believe me? Watch The demo Below.

Dream Vacation is worth the proverbial price of admission in my opinion. The theme; patter; and the steal - what a beauty! I'm adding that one to my repertoire allright! - Apurva S.

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