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Cody's Comedy Book Test Review

Official Review

November 25th, 2014 11:07am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The Magic Estate claims that Cody’s Comedy Book Test is advertised as “The Funniest Book Test you Will Ever Do!” It is quite a claim and as far as I can tell it is spot on. This trick is so easy to perform, funny, impressive and enjoyable for an audience that it is a must have for those that enjoy book tests or just want to try out a different routine. This trick gets five out of five stars!

This product comes with a gimmicked book entitled “Big Book of Silly Jokes” and an excellent 53 minute instructional DVD. The book itself contains approximately 200 pages of corny Question and Answer jokes such as:

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?
A: Nacho cheese!

The book itself looks and feels like a real book and measures four and a quarter inches by seven inches, which can easily fit in your back pocket. I would feel comfortable handing out the book, briefly, and within my arms reach and control.

The DVD starts with a live demonstration of Cody Fisher doing the full three-phase prediction routine in what appears to be a comedy club. The eleven minute performance uses a pocket dictionary, two random books and the Big Book of Silly Jokes. The routine is hysterical and the predictions are crowd pleasers. Just by watching the routine, you see how Cody handles audience issues such as a spectator that takes too much time, a spectator that does not enthusiastically respond to the performer, how to get a handed-out book back into your hands and how to pause and let the audience enjoy a funny moment, before pushing forward in the routine. Although many performers many feel uncomfortable trying to do something funny, this DVD and routine are so clearly scripted that anyone can execute it and be funny.

The DVD teaches various phases of the routine, which can be reduced to the final phase of the presentation if you don’t have a full ten to twelve minutes to do all three phases. The truncated version should take two to four minutes. The full routine allows you to use four audience members for different mind reading word divinations. After the full live performance, the DVD carefully explains every aspect of the routine and discusses how to customize it. On the DVD Fisher also does a studio demonstration of the routine and explains each step as he goes along. His teaching of the routine is excellent and well thought out. To do the full routine, you will need to get a pocket dictionary, two additional books (they can be any books), thick paper to write predicted words on, a foam board and a Sharpie marker. At the end of the DVD, Fisher tells some anecdotes from his performance of this trick and appropriately credits Walter Dobson for the main effect and also Larry Becker and Anton James.

In the full routine an audience member tells the performer when to stop fanning through the Big Book of Silly Jokes, and selects that page number. Two of the audience members that have been handed out two different books (Fisher’s choice of these books in of itself is funny and ads layers to the comedy effect “ but I won’t mention what they are to protect his fantastic routine) then turn to the chosen page number and Fisher is ultimately able to announce the words they are concentrating on, which are different words. Fisher writes the words on a large piece of paper and the way he does the revelation of the words is guaranteed to get laughs. He then has another audience member flip to a certain page in a dictionary to assist in a clever and amazing surprise revelation of one of the spectator’s chosen words. For the final phase of the routine, Cody returns to his joke book. An audience member flips to any page and picks the first word on the page. Fisher then writes the word he believes was chosen on a piece of paper that only the audience can see and not the spectator, who is standing next to him. He then asks the spectator a series of questions about the word to help him guess what the word is and the audience’s reaction is side-splitting laughter. And while most book tests are serious and enigmatic mentalism routines this book test has a completely different feeling to it, but maintains the ability to impress an audience with the several magical predictions. During the course of the routine, the audience believes the performer is talking about one word while the spectator believes the magician is thinking about another word. At the end of the routine, the spectator acknowledges that the magician predicted the word that he selected.

Without giving away too much, this final phase of the routine is based on Walter Dobson’s Exchange, which too is hysterical, but not as family friendly as Fisher’s book test. Fisher’s adaptation added the book test aspect to it and it is slightly risqué, but not too much. It will not be appropriate for young children and would play better for adults.

The ad copy and promotional video are accurate and in fact do not give too much away about the routine and presentation. The price for such a great routine and gimmick is very reasonable. Although the main aspect of the routine is based off of the first word on the page, there is also the ability to do a routine based off of the last word on any page. This bonus feature is not discussed on the DVD and is obviously meant for those that pay careful attention to the book.

For anyone that wants to be handed a great and easy routine that combines mentalism and laughter, and that is also easy to pull off, this is for you.

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Product info for Cody's Comedy Book Test

Author: Fisher, Cody
Publisher: The Magic Estate
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $64.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Right out of Cody Fisher's corporate Stand Up act. This is simply the funniest and most effective comedy book test you can do. Three killer phases with twists, turns, hysterical wordplay and an unexpected punch at the finish. This is the only book test you will ever need or want to do for your audiences. Packs small, plays massive, and perfect for your next show, this is Cody's Comedy Book Test!

- 10 min of solid impressive mind reading with a killer ending.
- Customize the routine with your own books.
- Learn what ungimmicked books Cody uses and why for maximum entertainment value.
- Can be performed as one, two, or three phases.
- Packs small, plays massive and easy to do.
- Package includes DVD with live performances / detailed explanation and gimmicked book.

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