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Tokyo Tables, The Review

Official Review

November 18th, 2014 12:44am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
C. Golo Naito’s The Tokyo Tables is 26 page eBook with an accompanying downloadable 25 minute Vimeo video that teaches many tricks from his personal set. I like this ebook/video combo for several reasons, including the diversity of magic discussed and the top notch video presentations and instructions. The Tokyo Tables are well worth the $10 download price.

The video presentation demonstrates and explains a Floating Cigarette effect using Mesika’s Loops©, A Ring in Ear routine for which he credits Gregory Wilson’s ReCap, a sleight of hand trick with a name tag and flash paper and a few card tricks. None of the effect are difficult and most are easy to master.

Naito’s instructional videos are excellent. In fact, the videos are so good that Naito should be in the business of making them for other magicians. The videos are contained on one continuous video and the eBook indicates the time that each segment starts so you can jump ahead. The instructional portion of the videos use appropriate freeze frames, graphic overlays to accentuate a certain aspect of a trick, and English subtitles (there is no spoken language in the videos) over music.

The promotional video shows what the eBook looks like and the ad copy is accurate. The claim that “nearly every trick has a video showing a performance and explanation of the trick” is true, but I wish he had more videos since the six in the download are all great.
The book and video teaches many close-up tricks using playing cards, invisible thread, flash paper, rings, currency bills, name tags and teaches many ideas crediting numerous magicians and great resources such David Stone, Al Koran, Dai Vernon, Robert Giobbi, Hofzinser Tommy Wonder and many others.

This is a strong compilation and teaching reference that is a great deal for its price and it is instantly available as a download.

Product info for Tokyo Tables, The

Author: Naito, Golo
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This is a very, very unusual and lovely ebook collection. C. Golo Naito is a German magician who lived in Japan for a period of years, and rose to the top of the wonderful bar magic scene in Tokyo (Japan is filled with cool, quaint magic bars). Here he developed a unique array of visual magic. The book is expertly written, filled with magic as diverse as floating cigarettes, hard-hitting card material, and a tremendous new way of switching decks. ALL practical, ALL original, ALL wonderfully presented.

But what will strike you first about The Tokyo Tables is the learning experience. This ebook LOOKS gorgeous, as if it was laid out by the editors at Vanity Fair. And as a sweet perk, nearly every trick has a video showing a performance and explanation of the trick he writes about. So you get to see these tricks in action, and just how visual and commercial each one is. The book describes 10 items in 36 pages, and we found it the perfect length for two detailed sittings. This is one of those ebooks that could EASILY be a $50 printed hardbound book, but the embedded videos are too cool to leave out, so it remains an ebook at an extremely reasonable price.

There are too many favorites to mention, but here are some:

Introduce Yourself: You burn a piece of paper and change it into your name badge in a flash, and then change THAT into a deck of cards.

Prediction on Arm: Cause an image of a selected card to appear ON THE ARM of your spectator.

Think of a Card: Smart, insightful work on every magician's obsession: thought-of card material.

36 pages. Includes 25-minute video download.

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