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Ignition (Gun Metal) Review

Official Review

December 15th, 2014 12:01pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Ignition is a neat little trick for anyone that likes coin magic. As the Mechanic Industries website reveals, Ignition is a keychain attached to a rivet in a Mechanic Industries dollar size coin, a duplicate key chain (not attached to anything) and a duplicate Mechanic Industries coin (with no rivet). The trick comes in a small plastic bag with the password to the eight minute instructional Vimeo video which is hosted on the Mechanic Industries website.

Ignition requires basic sleight of hand, is not difficult to learn and is easy to carry around, taking up minimal pocket space. The keychain also serves a purpose, but you would need to remove your keys before doing the routines.

The keychains and coins are of the best quality which is apparent both to the touch and to visual inspection. The coins are very attractive looking and come in either antique bronze or gun metal grey. They have some weight to them and because of the high quality, the coins and keychain will last a very long time, if not for as long as you own it.

The short internet password protected video is good and demonstrates and teaches a routine which requires the performer to be wearing long sleeves, preferably a jacket with large cuffs around the wrist. The full routine results in the keychain being pulled off the coin and then reattached while allowing for inspection of the coin and key chain at certain time in the routine. The impressive part about this is that when the keychain is pulled off the coin, the rivet stays attached to the chain and the coin is missing the rivet hole. If this trick is done well, it is truly amazing. There is a shorter routine which can be performed with short sleeves and an additional routine using another classic gimmick that is not included, although I do not think that will be widely used (it also requires a jacket to be worn). The promotional video and ad copy are accurate. In fact, the Mechanic Industries gives away the secret by showing the gimmick.

Although I think that the $35 seems a bit high for what you get, Ignition is a quality product that you will have fun with and impress your spectators. For anyone that has an interest in expanding their coin routines, I recommend this product.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Ignition (Gun Metal)

Author: Mechanic Industries
Publisher: Mechanic Industries
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Key-ring magic system

This key-ring not only looks awesome on your keys, but can be used to create highly visual and striking magic. Keep it with you at all times to perform jaw dropping visual magic at a moments notice. It fits in perfectly with your existing Mechanic Gear and there's a FREE download video to show you just some of the effects and ideas possible with the Ignition system.

Ignition is perfect for walk around, street magic or at the table, this goes down well at any time and is always accessible. Other magic props and devices can be used in conjunction with Ignition to full effect. There's a lot of scope for experimentation and exploration with this set and we're really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with.

Full dollar size coin, 2 great finishes

Using the Grinder Coins as it's base, Ignition is available in 2 finishes; Antique Bronze and Gun Metal Grey. The same premium quality from the coins has been applied to the rest of the key-ring. Every detail has been carefully considered ensuring Ignition can withstand the stresses and strains of everyday performance. A bespoke rivet system has been applied to finish the coin beautifully. This same rivet has been replicated and linked to the spare key-chain you get with the set. This is what really allows the magic to happen! You will also get a spare Grinder Coin with no hole, allowing you to use sleights you already know to create visual and jaw dropping magic .

Works perfectly with other Mechanic Gear

The new addition to your Mechanic Tool-Kit. Use along side your Grinder Coins and take your coin routine to the next level. Create stylised presentations combining all of the various products in the set for a seamless performance your audiences will remember. Ignition is a very flexible utility style prop that is limited only by your imagination. <

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  • Crafted to the highest specification
  • 2 finishes, bronze & grey
  • Spare coin & key chain included
  • Free video tutorial download
  • Fits in with your other Mechanic Gear
  • Available exclusively at Murphy's Magic

  • "I like the practicality of this trick because it packs small enough to go anywhere with you.  You can even put it on your key chain and use it as a conversation starter that turns into a powerful visual mystery before anyone realizes you're doing a magic trick to begin with." - Draven

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