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Rubber Bang! Review

Official Review

November 16th, 2014 4:58pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Rubber Bang is an excellent and high quality instructional DVD that teaches nine tricks using both rubber bands and playing cards as well as a tenth trick with cards only. The DVD comes with four high quality colored rubber bands so you can get going immediately. At the end of the DVD, Yang credits various magicians including, Ken Krenzel, Charles Jordan, Herb Zarrow, Jay Sankey, Bernard Billis and many others with the presented methods and tricks. The ad copy and promotional video are fair and accurate.

The DVD is in Taiwanese, but the English subtitles are very easy to follow and is better than many English language DVD’s. The DVD is organized by chapters and contains ten effects, each one is demonstrated to a spectator, from the spectator’s point of view and then it is explained, step-by-step from the performer’s point of view. Sometimes, the explanatory phase of the instructions displays several different angles or view points, which is extremely helpful in teaching these great tricks. The video pauses in the correct spots and uses graphic highlighting to focus on what should be done, where to press, where to put your fingers and what to do to perform and set up the trick. This method of instruction is very effective and should be a model for instructional videos. Magic Soul did a top-notch job on the DVD presentation.

The DVD starts off with explanation of different types and sizes of rubber bands and then teaches how to shuffle or control a card to either the top or the bottom. The first effect is Yang Gun, which is a super cool and easy way to reveal a chosen card. Here, the performer quickly makes what looks like a gun with a trigger (all from playing cards) and a single rubber band. The amazing part about this trick is that the spectator’s chosen card literally shoots out of the card gun when the magician pulls the trigger. It shoots so fast and far (if you don’ stop it) that it is surprising. This is a great effect.

G Spot is a great looking effect in which the selected card shoots out of a horizontally and vertically bound deck of cards when the spectator presses the rubber band. I found that the card does not shoot out of the deck as easily as I would have expected and this may require a slight amount of practice.

The third effect, Snap Shoot, is another very visual way to reveal a chosen card when the performer places a squared deck onto top of the card box and then flicks a rubber band behind the card on top of the box. As soon as the performer flicks the rubber band, the selected card flies out of the deck into the performer’s hand.

Just Blow is another phenomenal and easy effect in which the rubber band is visibly wrapped around the deck twice, after a chosen card is lost in the deck. Instantly, the rubber band disappears from around the deck and it is mysteriously found sticking in the middle of the deck wrapped around the chosen card. This is simple, visual and impressive.

The next tricks, SeanWich, Sy Pyramid and SeanWich are very impressive tricks. In SeanWich, a chosen card appears between the two jokers as they shoot away from the deck, bound by a rubber band. There is also a 4 Ace production version of this effect which is super. In Sy Pyramid, another 4 Ace production effect, one Ace shoots out of the deck and the rest of the deck pops into the shape of a triangle, with all the Aces showing. The deck is held together by a rubber band. You have to see this one to believe it because it is absolutely amazing and not that difficult to perform.

SeanSwitch and Challenger are additional 4 Ace production effects, but they are different than the others and with the right amount of misdirection you will be able to fool your audience in a big way. Challenger’s reveal of the fourth Ace is particularly fun and easy and will wow your spectators.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Is yet another very cool trick that can be mastered with a small amount of practice. As a bonus effect, Yang presents Sy Change, a very visual and cool autographed card transposition effect.

Using rubber bands with your card tricks will impress your audience and differentiate you from many others. This is a great DVD, with so many tricks, for a great price.

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Product info for Rubber Bang!

Author: Young, Sean
Publisher: Magic Soul
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

With nothing but a deck of cards and a rubber band, you too can dazzle your audience with a host of excitingly kinetic magic tricks! Instead of picking your audience member's card out of the deck (BORING), why not shoot it out of a playing card gun? Or grab it from the pyramid of cards that sprung up right before your eyes, just like magic? Sure, it might be neat if you can pick out all the aces in a deck-but not as neat as having them fly out all by themselves!

With Rubber Bang, Sean Yang makes his magical DVD debut to teach you how to do all of this AND MORE. Each trick comes with complete step-by-step instructions, down to such basics as how to select rubber bands and perform a controlled shuffle, so that even the most novice magician will be able to pull these tricks out of his hat in no time flat. The DVD also includes mock performances by Sean Yang himself, so you can see each trick in the hands of an expert magician before putting it in to action on your own. No need to worry about coming up with a new performance script!

With Rubber Bang by Sean Yang, acquiring a new array of energetic and engaging tricks... is a SNAP!

9 Amazing Effects using Rubber Bands and Playing Cards

BASIC Shuffle and Control CONTENT Yang Gun G Spot Snap Shoot Just Blow SeanWich Sy Pyramid Challenger Bang! Bang! Bang! BONUS Sy Change

"Rubber Bang is a real worker. I can see using this one in my own work."
- Eric Jones

"This is the Ultimate Lecture Using Rubber Bands and Cards. These are very very clever tricks. I love them so much."
- Zeki ( the winner of FISM 2012 )

"Pyramid is the coolest and most unique ace production I've seen. I'm definitely performing it at my next show."
-Shin Lim

"Yang Gun is one of the best effect created using rubber band and cards to date."
- G.

"Rubber Bang is so intriguing. I believe it's an exciting trigger for every fan of rubber band magic!"
- Hanson Chien

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