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ACAAN the Bar Magico Sessions Review

Official Review

November 13th, 2014 4:17am
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I used to consider myself an expert with the ACAAN plot. Then it got popular. Now there are so many versions on the market that I’m feeling pretty ignorant.

But based on my experience, there’s some pretty interesting and unique stuff on this DVD.

As mentioned in the description, the routines range “from automatic to very difficult.” Some, like many others, require that you have a fully memorized deck (not just a cyclical stack). Others require “extra gimmicks” which, in themselves, will require work to master.

Overall, I was really impressed with the material. The first routine is based on an “invisible deck” premise and is highly entertaining. The “invisible classic force” taught with this routine is probably worth the price of the DVD.

Another has more the feel of a traditional mentalism routine with the number being written on a slip of paper.

There’s also a purely impromptu version that, while not as clean as the others, is an excellent choice for when you’re handed someone else’s deck. All that’s required are a couple of basic slights that are likely already in your toolbox of skills.

The final offering uses two decks and is simply brilliant in its method. It’s also completely self-working and resets instantly. If you don’t mind carrying around two decks just for this effect, I’m pretty sure you’ll be proud to add it to your repertoire.

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Author: Tango Magic
Publisher: Tango Magic
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Manufacturer's Description:

Marcelo Insua Presents: Bar Magico Sessions
Today's Special guest: Juan Pablo Ibanez!

Marcelo Insua meets in his famous "Bar Magico" with friends to talk about specific topics, in this first meeting the discussion is about one of the legendary effects of card magic, Any Card At Any Number.

4 different methods, from automatic to very difficult.

Enjoy this first installment of Bar Magico Sessions.

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