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Phoenix Ashes Review

November 1st, 2014 4:19pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
If the name “Phoenix Ashes” didn’t grab your attention, I hope this review will. This extremely simple trick is incredibly visual and impressive. It blows spectators away and serious consideration should be given to this trick.

In Phoenix Ashes, a spectator chooses a card. The card is bent in half from top to bottom and ripped along the crease. Then half of the card is burned in front of the audience and the magician rubs the card’s ashes on his forearm and almost instantly a tattoo of the burned card amazingly appears.

As the ad copy indicates, there are two different revelation card gimmicks included which will allow you to amaze an audience once with your right forearm and once with you left forearm, if you wish to repeat the trick. Great for any close-up environment, where you won’t get kicked out for burning something.

The trick’s ad copy is completely accurate and the promotional video shows exactly what the audience will see. The DVD is in Spanish and is translated into clear English. Although the DVD is very short, it is to the point and understandable. Any magician, hobbyist or beginner can perform this seconds after watching the DVD. The gimmicks are very well made and sturdy and it should last a lifetime. The "refills" are something that you most likely already own and if not you can pick up in any convenience store.

There are no angles to worry about and it is virtually fool proof. There is some very quick pre-performance work that takes about 30 seconds or less. As long as you can rub ashes on your arm, you can knock out your audience with this phenomenal effect. This trick gets the highest rating due to simple and easy method and the impact the effect it has on an audience.

Product info for Phoenix Ashes

Author: David Blanco and Asier Kidam
Publisher: Dramagia
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Phoenix Ashes revives and improves the "Ashes on Arm" trick with a scorching new method and presentation. The old "reveal a selected card with ashes" is a wonderful classic, yet the revelation of the card has always been handwritten.

Phoenix Ashes allows you to reveal the burned card on your arm in a clean, crisp way that resembled a newly linked tattoo on your arm. Not just the name of the card reveals itself, but the whole picture of the card manifest itself on your arm like a tattoo photograph.

In a massive upgrade to the classic, Phoenix Ashes will allow you to slowly, Magically reveal a chosen playing card on your arm, like never before. Watch as their eyes light up as the image slowly comes into view.

It's a MASSIVE UPGRADE to the classic and is even more shockingly powerful than ever before!

Guaranteed great reactions from crowds!

Key Points:

•Arm is examinable before and after
•Easy set-up
•Easy & Fun to perform
•Perform Surrounded
•Cheap REFILLS available worldwide
•Two different revelation cards included
•Full DVD instructions Included.

Explanations on DVD are in Spanish and English

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