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Tokyo Tables, The Review

Official Review

November 21st, 2014 1:21am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This download video has some good effects and routines.

The first is a cigarette manipulation and levitation. The method is very nice and simple. I think a little more work could have gone into moving the hands side to side while the cigarette goes to the mouth. Keeping the hands so still gives the impression that there is something between the hands holding up the cigarette. It is important to understand that magic is not when people can't explain it. Magic is about something having no explanation. In the video, they may not know what was between the hands, but the hands telegraphed that there was "something" between them. His hookup method is very good and very simple.

The next routine starts out as the typical vanish a ring using a sharpie as a wand, but the sharpie vanishes behind the ear. However, there is a little surprise when the ring then vanishes to the ear. He also shows a few ring manipulations. In one of the manipulations, the ring is flashed, showing that the handling needs more work. His ideas on the vanish and the manipulation are very good.

Next is a bill change. The method is good. Again, his handling needs a little more work as you see his thumb pulling something into the hand. A simple tilting of the hand would obscure the thumb and make the move invisible. Easy enough to fix with proper handling.

Next is a business card revelation in a flash of flame and the business card turns into a deck of cards. I think the premise here needs a little work. If you are producing a business card, the next obvious thing would be to give out the business card. Instead, the business card vanishes and is replaced by a deck of cards. The routine never gets back around to handing out the business card.

Finally the set ends with a card trick with a double revelation. It has been said that “confusion isn’t magic”. I think this trick came dangerously close to crossing the line between confusion vs magic.


There is some good material on this download, but it also demonstrates some things to avoid and some things to work on to make the magic better.


I can’t say I don’t recommend this, because I think he has some good ideas and it is clear that he is thinking about how to take a common routine to the next level. This download was a good reminder for magicians to perform in front of a mirror, and to record themselves performing from various angles, and then actually watch the performance.

I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend this because he has some good ideas, and it is an opportunity to see how small changes, for example, the slight tilting of the hand, can alter the magic moment.

Product info for Tokyo Tables, The

Author: Naito, Golo
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $10.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This is a very, very unusual and lovely ebook collection. C. Golo Naito is a German magician who lived in Japan for a period of years, and rose to the top of the wonderful bar magic scene in Tokyo (Japan is filled with cool, quaint magic bars). Here he developed a unique array of visual magic. The book is expertly written, filled with magic as diverse as floating cigarettes, hard-hitting card material, and a tremendous new way of switching decks. ALL practical, ALL original, ALL wonderfully presented.

But what will strike you first about The Tokyo Tables is the learning experience. This ebook LOOKS gorgeous, as if it was laid out by the editors at Vanity Fair. And as a sweet perk, nearly every trick has a video showing a performance and explanation of the trick he writes about. So you get to see these tricks in action, and just how visual and commercial each one is. The book describes 10 items in 36 pages, and we found it the perfect length for two detailed sittings. This is one of those ebooks that could EASILY be a $50 printed hardbound book, but the embedded videos are too cool to leave out, so it remains an ebook at an extremely reasonable price.

There are too many favorites to mention, but here are some:

Introduce Yourself: You burn a piece of paper and change it into your name badge in a flash, and then change THAT into a deck of cards.

Prediction on Arm: Cause an image of a selected card to appear ON THE ARM of your spectator.

Think of a Card: Smart, insightful work on every magician's obsession: thought-of card material.

36 pages. Includes 25-minute video download.

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