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Blind Square Review

November 1st, 2014 4:20pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Blind Square is Romanian Magician Bizau “Biz’” Cristian’s 21 minute download that teaches both a top control and a bottom control move of any card that is placed in the middle of the deck. Neither move is particularly difficult to perform and when mastered the moves quickly and directly transport a card to either the top or bottom of the deck. This can be done with any deck with no preparation.

The theory behind this method of moving the card from the middle to the top is not new so the ad copy claim that this is “fresh from the mind of Bizau Cristian” may be a bit of puffing. In any event, the application of the method is executed in a somewhat different way than it is normally used, but I cannot say more without revealing the method. The download also teaches a few tricks with the moves, including two good card transpositions.

The video is shot with only the performer’s point of view only and the moves are never displayed from the spectator’s point of view. This is a drawback to this video since instructional videos should not only have the performer’s POV, but should also have at least a few demonstrations of the move from the spectator’s POV. Also, the audio on the video is not top quality.

Both moves have angle issues and if you choose to use them, your audience should be positioned directly in front of you. If the spectators are on your sides, these moves may be exposed. However, the moves are so quick and fluid that they will impress any audience. Although the download itself does not show a demonstration, the promotional video does.

Anyone looking for a direct and quick download that teaches a top and bottom control move will not be disappointed after purchasing this $10 download.

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Author: Bizau, Cristian
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Manufacturer's Description:

Fresh from the mind of Bizau Cristian comes Blind Square, a brilliant and baffling sleight that can be used as a top control or a bottom control. Your spectator's selected card is placed into the center of the deck. In an instant, with no apparent moves, their card travels to either the top or the bottom of the deck-it's up to you!

The Blind Square download not only teaches the core move, but also teaches two transposition effects in 25 minutes of clear instruction. Blind Square can be done with any borrowed deck of cards and will be an immensely useful part of your arsenal. Learn it today!

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