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Cigarette Up The Nose Review

Official Review

October 9th, 2003 12:04pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Wow! This may very well be the nicest gimmick I have seen, ever. OK, that may be a stretch, but the quality that went into its manufacture is pretty amazing.

What you get is the necessary gimmick to perform a very clean and complete "cigarette up the nose". More importantly you get wonderful instructions with amazing illustrations and performance tips.

While the effect is not self working, it isn't very difficult at all. Some may ask if we really need a complete vanish, afterall the "in the nose out the mouth versions" are good, no?

Well, they are. But it depends on what you are going for. Abe Lincoln once said, "For those people who like this kind of book, this is the kind of book those people would like." I think the same holds true here.

Some people may not care if the cig seems to go completely and that the hands can be shown empty. Fair enough. But if you want to be able to do this with the stated results, I don't think you will find a more well made or practical method.

And now we get to the touchy subject of method. I don't want to tip the workings because many people may go, "Oh, that's what it is," and close their minds to this wonderful product. That would be their loss.

However, the potential buyer should know that there are some outfits which would prevent the performer from presenting this piece. The clothing requirements are minimal, and are a small consideration if this is indeed something that you can use. (Also, if one learns Eugene Burger's handling, then you have the tools to performt his effect in a variety of conditions).

Why can't all products be of this kind of quality and workmanship?! Why can't all instructions be so well written and illustrated? Why can't all creators offer such valuable tips on maintance of product and advice on performance?

In many ways this is a 5 star item, but since there are some restrictions that need to be placed on its performance, I'll give it a strong 4 and a half stars. When Gary comes up with an anywhere, anytime version that looks this amazing, I'll make it up to him by giving 6 stars.

Product info for Cigarette Up The Nose

Author: Kosnitzky, Gary
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

An amazing vanish of cigarette so stunning it looks like trick photography! A cigarette is slowly & visibly pushed up your nose. Your hands are then shown absolutely empty!

Includes special hand crafted gimick and detailed instructions thoroughly illustrated by Tony Dunn.

"It really looked good, like it went up your nose" -David Roth

"One of the greatest small illusions I have ever seen." -Michael Skinner

"It's the most perfect trick of it's kind I've ever seen!" -Mac King

"Very nice, very nice" -Penn Jillette

"Disgustingly beautiful!" -Paul Harris

"Very cool, very cool" -Shoot Ogawa

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