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Blind Square Review

Official Review

November 20th, 2014 9:25am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson
REVIEW: Cristian shows two great controls, one top control and one bottom control. These controls are very versatile, and he teaches different variations, including how to control the card to a specific positions, such as second from the bottom. This is done very easily.

This could be a very nice addition to other controls you may already do, such as the pass. I personally don’t care to learn every single way to control a card. I plan to make this one of about three “go to” card controls. What I like about it is the move is done in the action of very cleanly showing their card is indeed in the middle of the deck. In addition, the move involves bringing the cards up to face level as opposed to the pass with is done with the cards held down. This makes this a very nice addition to other controls you may already use.

In addition, he teaches some very powerful applications for these controls. For example, a selected card is lost into the middle of the deck. A “finder” card is inserted face up toward the top of the deck. Using the blind square control, you make the finder card appear to travel down the deck until it is face to face with their selected card.

In another routine, he combines the blind square control with a couple other methods in a very visual routine that has their selection changing places with an indifferent card. One moves to the middle and turns upside down and the other to the bottom of the deck.

CAUTION: When I first watched Cristian demonstrate and explain the top control, it looked like the move would be extremely angle sensitive. However, I then tried the move in front of a mirror, looking at it from several angles. I found that I could easily hold my hands in a natural position that covered the move from a wide angle of people in front of me. So, if you read that this is angle sensitive on some magic forum, it might be that they haven’t actually tried the moves themselves.

VERDICT: Great instruction on a very nice control you may want to add you your short list of two or three "go to" controls.

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Author: Bizau, Cristian
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Manufacturer's Description:

Fresh from the mind of Bizau Cristian comes Blind Square, a brilliant and baffling sleight that can be used as a top control or a bottom control. Your spectator's selected card is placed into the center of the deck. In an instant, with no apparent moves, their card travels to either the top or the bottom of the deck-it's up to you!

The Blind Square download not only teaches the core move, but also teaches two transposition effects in 25 minutes of clear instruction. Blind Square can be done with any borrowed deck of cards and will be an immensely useful part of your arsenal. Learn it today!

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