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Bill Flash Reverse (Blue) Review

Official Review

October 10th, 2014 7:02am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This is a great close-up and super visual playing card-to-bill change effect by French magician Michael Chatelain.

This trick comes with a French-English DVD, two gimmicks for use with Bicycle playing cards and a color copy of Euro bill, which need not be used if you prefer to use another bill, i.e. an American dollar bill. Any paper currency can be used so long as it is bigger than a folded playing card. One of the gimmicks is needed to build the Bill-Flash Reverse effect and the other gimmick is needed to create the predecessor trick, the Bill Flash. Yes, that’s right, two for the price on one. But, be forewarned the gimmicks are not completed and the Bill Flash Reverse will require arts and crafts construction, which may take some time (and quite a bit of frustration) to finish. This is not an out-of-the-box worker.

Unfortunately, the DVD is narrated by Chatelain himself whose English is not great and he labors to explain the trick. Because his English is weak, the demonstrations and explanations are annoying. And, the instructions related to the construction of the gimmick lack any verbal instructions. The DVD starts off with a few demonstrations of the routine, performed by Chatelain, which is overdubbed with spa-like music, which does not really fit. The video quality, lighting and visibility of the demonstrations is not the best, but you get the idea. On the second track, Chatelain performs the trick without any music. In the demonstration, Chatelain takes a dollar bill out of his wallet and places it on a chair, under his wallet. Then, he asks the spectator to pick a card by calling “stop” when he is riffles through a face-down deck. The chosen card is removed and then folded in a half and then in half again so that when it is opened there are visible creases and four sections. Chatelain places the card on top of the deck, immediately turns it over on top of the deck and places the deck in his back pocket. The magician then displays the bill, front and back, and folds it along the creases and with a shake, it amazingly transforms into a dollar bill, which is displayed on both sides by the magician. The magician then lifts up his wallet to reveal that the dollar bill that was placed under the wallet has turned into a playing card, which is mercury folded. When the card is opened, it is revealed to be the spectator’s chosen card.

The next two chapters of the DVD consist of graphic step-by-step instructions, which are confusing and not well thought through. This is particularly true because the instructions on how to fold the bill use a picture of an American dollar bill and the instructions that relate to the card gimmick construction use pictures of a Euro bill. There are some explanatory, folding and alignment directions that are necessary, but are unfortunately missing, which leaves you to figure it yourself. Because the instruction chapter does not have a click to advance” feature and it is instead a continuous playing file, I had to frequently reverse and play, which made the construction process even more difficult. The graphics are not great and there is no demonstration of actual real-time gimmick construction, which is big negative. And there is no audio file to explain what is being done, so you just need to follow the graphic visuals. You will eventually figure it out, but not without a bit of aggravation and hair pulling.

Once you struggle through the arts and crafts portion, Chatelain, with his poor English, struggles through the routine explanation. He shows the trick from both the spectator and performer’s point of view, which is easy to follow and easy to perform, despite the language issues.

Constructing the original Bill Flash Gimmick is rather simple and has none of the problems described above with the Bill Flash Reverse, which is more complex. The playing card Gimmick will tear after repeated use because the trick requires folding and unfolding of the card several times “ and because this trick is good enough that you will want to perform it repeatedly. The DVD has instruction on how to repair the gimmick and a bonus section that explains how to use flash paper with this trick.

It is impossible to end clean with this trick and neither the bill nor the playing card can be handed out at the end of the trick, so be prepared to immediately go into something else. Also, the trick cannot be repeated with the same audience because the chosen card will not be different. The reset takes only a second. The promotional videos are accurate and the ad copy is mostly accurate, but for one line which claims you can “unfold and freely show the banknote”, which is not 100% accurate. In actuality, only the magician can unfold the bill and show both sides freely. The bill cannot leave the magician’s hands.

Notwithstanding the criticism about the DVD and the construction difficulties, this is a fun, easy and impressive trick that will be thoroughly enjoyed by the performer and audience, once you get past the construction phase.

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Product info for Bill Flash Reverse (Blue)

Author: Chatelain, Mickael
Publisher: Gi'Mick Magic
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Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Participating in a magic trick is always a source of amazement for your spectators, but participating in a magic trick with MONEY is a source of EVEN GREATER amazement!
A few years ago, we put out an incredible effect under the name BILL FLASH CARD.
Today, and for the first time on DVD, we're offering BILL FLASH REVERSE.


Your deck is on the table, still in its case. Before you begin, you take out a banknote from your wallet, for example a 10 Euros note or 10 dollars bill, to be offered as compensation if the trick fails. You visibly place the banknote on the table; then you place your wallet on top of the banknote.

NOW the trick can begin!

"Believe me, your spectators will never be this attentive. They've got nothing to lose - quite the contrary, in fact!"

Take the cards out of the case, show both sides - it's an absolutely ordinary deck.
The spectator choses a card; for example, the King of Hearts.
You invite the spectator to fold the card into fourths himself. You take back the card, still folded in fourths and ask the two following questions:

1. Do you remember the banknote under the wallet?
Of course, the spectators answer, "Yes, it's a 10 Euros note."

2. Do you remember your card?
Once again, the spectators answer, "Yes, it's the King of Hearts."

Show the card one more time as you unfold it and show it freely front and back, then show your completely empty hands, which the spectators will acknowledge with no hesitation.
Slowly refold the card, first in two then again in fourths.
The hiding nothing and in full light, right before the spectators' eyes, you shake the folded card and then, faster than the blink of an eye, the card is transformed into a banknote, also folded in fourths!

Unfold and freely show the banknote - it's completely genuine, and not just any banknote, it's a 10 Euro note!
How is this possible. You have nothing else in your hands - they're completely empty!

A completely baffling transformation! Where did the card go?
Invite your spectator to pick up your wallet.
I'll let you imagine his reaction.
The banknote is no longer under the wallet - it has been replaced by a card folded in fourths!
Unfold it and show it around. Just as impossibly as unbelievably, it's the King of Hearts, the very card chosen at the beginning of the trick!
Among the most mysterious transformations possible - a perfect close-up effect!

This summer, change your bicycle card into a banknote !

Let's take a look at a few important details:

- The above text is 100% accurate, you will be able to do the effect exactly as described.
- At the beginning of the trick, you clearly place a bill under your wallet, though you could do it under the hand of a spectator with the same result.
- Both the transformation and the transposition are automatic! Difficult to believe, but TRUE!
- No palming, no switches, no fake thumb.

What you get:

The trick is delivered complete. You'll get the REVERSE gimmick for the transformation of the card into a real banknote.
You'll also get a copy of the famous BILL FLASH CARD trick.
By combining these two effects, you'll be able to do BILL FLASH CARD REVERSE.
The trick comes with a DVD of detailed directions in French and English

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