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At the Table Live Lecture - Greg Wilson 8/27/2014 - video DOWNLOAD Review

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October 29th, 2014 9:12am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Greg Wilson’s three plus hour At The Table lecture is fun, entertaining and stuffed to the gills with great magic and moves. I highly recommend this purchase for magicians of all levels.

The lecture starts off with a joke-mock 1970’s era advertisement for a magic VHS tape for the “Art of Card Throwing.” That is the only part of the lecture that should have been skipped. Then the lecture really starts and Greg Wilson, two time FISM winner, walks on stage with high energy and removes from his pocket a small folded up bag, big enough to hold a deck of cards when folded. He talks about the party he is going to have. He then unfolds the bag which is seen to be a long champagne bag, reaches in and throws streamers into the air. Then he reaches into the bag and slowly pulls out a full sized bottle of champagne. He immediately explains this very easy trick and sits down with At The Table host, Mike Hankins and launches into and explains his next trick in which he drops a sugar packet through a corrugated heat cuff from a cup of Starbucks coffee several times until it changes colors.

Wilson then polls the audience about what their “thousand timer” trick is - which is the trick that a magician’s immediate performs (and has done so a thousand times) when asked “Can you do a trick for me.” He then explains that he just invented a trick, has never performed it and dubs it his “one timer.” As soon as he starts the trick, with a sugar packet, he halts the performances and confesses that he forgot the set up and cautions the audience that they need to practice at least twice and moves on to another trick. This slip up is actually very endearing and is a demonstration of how a magician can move past a gaffe without being visibly confounded.

Wilson then borrows a fist-full of coins, calls on an audience to be a spectator and repeatedly does a coin vanish using his pant pocket as an impromptu topit, in a very entertaining routine, mainly because of Wilson’s quick wit and patter. When the spectator asks a question about the type of pockets you can use to perform the trick, Wilson breaks into an unplanned pick-pocket routine using Hankins as an accomplice. The spectator is unaware of all the moves that are happening, but the audience can see what is happening in real time and it is nothing less than absolutely hysterical. Wilson then teaches the very strong misdirection he uses to pick several pockets and explains “if you can’t hide it, highlight it.” Wilson is so smooth and adept at misdirection that it very entertaining to watch - and several times too.

Mike and Greg discuss Wilson’s show, Wizard Wars for a few moments and then he performs and explains Ringside, an impromptu and very visual coin/ring transposition. He then gives advice on performing tricks, changing them and testing them with an audience.

Wilson tells the audience that he has secretly removed 10,000 watches and that he gets caught every few hundred times. He tells the audience that he once broke a watch, but would not reveal the name of the person; just that his initials were “A. Schwartzenegger and his first name sounds like Flarnold.” He then teaches and discusses his approach to removing watches and demonstrates the art, step by step, with an audience member. As part of the routine, he has the spectator hide a coin in one hand, behind his back and then Wilson guesses, with 90% accuracy which hand the coin is in. Greg then explains how he is able to guess what hand the coin is in.

Wilson then performs, Exact Change, a trick he had not planned on performing in which the spectator guesses a number between 1 and a 100. Wilson empties his pocket to reveal the exact amount of loose change in his pocket that matches the number. Continuing with coin tricks, Wilson performs and explains an impromptu copper silver coin transposition with a dime and a penny. He urges the audience to learn this easy trick, with real coins, because it can get overlooked, but it is a very strong effect.

Wilson then goes into Stick Shift, a wooden version of Crazy Man’s Handcuffs with a tooth pick that has been broken in half. Wilson moves the toothpick halves through each other, his finger and even a spectator’s finger. Then, as a finale, he restores the broken toothpick and lets the spectator verify that in fact it has been unbroken. Wilson does a color changing disposable lighter routine, but questions if people still use disposable Bic lighters.

Hankins prompts Wilson to do some card tricks. He then performs Unshuffled, which utilizes a gimmicked deck, which is as easy as it gets to perform. He then performs a peak prediction effect and teaches his patter, which is a nice trick for beginners. He then performs and teaches his card to box performance , which is astonishing because of his top-notch misdirection.
In a very interesting segment, Wilson shows some live footage of his street performances and critiques his own work and teaches how to deal with certain situations by examining his spectator’s reactions to his tricks. Watching the live performances and hearing Wilson’s impression of his own act is fascinating and left me wanting more. It is similar to watching a great movie on DVD with the “director’s commentary” function activated.

Wilson then picks an audience member and performs Slydini’s Paper Balls. The routine as presented is very funny. He adds an open and partially full soda can to the disappearing act and incorporates some of the pickpocket moves to the routine as well. The audience can see everything that Wilson is doing while the astonished audience member is mystified. The entire routine is very fun to watch.
Wilson presents so much great magic in such an entertaining way that this lecture should move to the top of your list.

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Greg is a 2 time FISM-winning magician. He has been hailed as one of THE most creative thinkers in magic. With best-selling hits like "On the Spot," "Hundy 500," and the newly released "Exact Change" and "Flash Pen", Greg has enough material to cover practically every genre of close-up magic. In his lecture, Greg will focus your attention to his uncanny ability with a deck of cards, as he performs and explains in detail all of the inner workings that make his magic so unforgettable. What we're particularly excited about here is the various effects Greg will tip that he typically does NOT discuss in his live lectures for magicians.

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