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Drop Red (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

October 17th, 2014 4:36am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Drop is Lydon Jugalbot’s variation to his 2013 trick, Unwritten. With Drop, the spectator picks and signs the back of any freely selected card, on the end of the card, in a specific and small area. The signed card is then lost into the middle of the deck. The entire deck is dropped into the magician’s or spectator's hand and the signed card and the inscription instantly appears on the top of the deck. The trick is very visual, fun for spectators, and easy to do.

Drop comes with a 25 minute instructional DVD, the Drop gimmick (made with bicycle cards) and some extra materials in the event that repairs to the gimmick are needed. The DVD is well-produced and the instructions are clear and simple. You will be performing this trick immediately after watching the video. The DVD has a few routines in addition to the basic routine, which include a torn and restored card corner and a rising ink card reveal which is inked on the back of a card. I do not think that the torn and restored card routine will get much use, but the basic trick can be used over and over, with an almost instant reset, and a different card. The gimmick may break after some use, but the fix seems to be easy and quick.

The ad copy and the promotional video accurately depict the trick.

I would recommend buying this trick in red, instead of blue, because the reveal is harder to see with black Sharpie ink on a blue backed card. The reveal really pops on the red backed card and that is precisely why the promotional video is filmed entirely with a red backed gimmick.

There are some angle issues when the card is being placed back into the middle of the deck, but no angle issues at all for the reveal. Although there may be some noise issues associated with the reveal, this is masked by the sound of the deck dropping into your hand.

This trick really amazes spectators, most of whom will not have seen Unwritten, which is the earlier sister version of this trick. The main difference between Drop and Unwritten is that the reveal of the selected card in Unwritten appears written across the side of an entire deck of cards ��“ which is really mind blowing. While it is an astonishing visual, this has implications for future use of that entire deck. However, the reveal in Drop can be repeated almost instantly with a different card and the effect is not just a reveal, like Unwritten, but an ambitious card routine appearance of the selected card on the top of the deck. Also in Drop, there are more ways to have the spectator select a card and have it feel truly freely selected. Although both handlings are easy to do, Drop is a bit easier to do and reset.

This trick is worth adding to your magic case and the price is fair.

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Product info for Drop Red (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Jugalbot, Lyndon
Publisher: Magic Tao
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the great mind behind the best selling effect "Unwritten", this is Lyndon Jugabolt's new effect "DROP".

The spectator freely chooses any card from the deck, they sign their name on the back of the card and the signed card is lost somewere in the deck. Instantly, the signed card jumps straight to the top of the deck and the spectator can take that card back straight away.

This is very visual and very easy to do. Enjoy performing "DROP".

Custom made gimmick supplied.
Instructional DVD with full explanations.

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