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MC Sandwich (Blue) Review

Official Review

September 27th, 2014 3:28am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
MC Sandwich is a great gimmicked sandwich trick that is amazingly visual and easy to perform. Although Mickael Chatelain (MC) borrowed McDonald’s golden arches on the product’s packaging materials and plays off of McDonald’s name, brand colors and logo, this trick and its patter have nothing to do with the fast food chain, other than being pleasing to a wide variety of people.

MC Sandwich comes with a few routines that are demonstrated and explained on the DVD. In the first routine, the performer selects two cards and the spectator freely chooses pick a card and signs its. The performer apparently places the card in the middle of the deck and then places his two chosen cards on top of each other on the top of the deck. With the flick of the wrist, the spectator’s signed card amazingly appears between the performer’s two cards. This trick is very impressive. In the second routine, the performer places a chosen card in between the spectator’s two cards and with the flick of the wrist, the card disappears from in between the two cards and reappears in the deck, face up. Like the first routine, this is astounding to spectators. In the third routine, the spectator signs a freely chosen card and places it face down behind the performer’s two cards. Immediately the spectator’s chosen card appears from behind the two cards to the middle of the spectator’s two cards. The fourth routine is similar in effect an presentation, but requires you two buy a gimmicked card that does not come with the trick.

MC Sandwich comes with two performer’s gimmicked bicycle backed cards, an instructional DVD in Chatelain’s native French and also English. The DVD comes in a flimsy plastic sleeve and is narrated by Chatelain himself, whose English is a bit choppy. You can understand Chatelain and his instructions , but he says things like “thank you to buy my new trick” or “this DVD is for explain.” Chatelain should really not narrate his own DVD’s for this reason, but this deficiency is not a factor in the rating of this trick because it is not a lecture, but an intuitive trick. Hopefully he will hire an English translator for future releases if he wants to improve the overall quality of his products.

The promotional video accurately depicts the way the performance looks in person and the ad copy is accurate, although it does not say much. This trick instantly resets, but the two gimmicked cards cannot be handed out to spectators. I would caution performers to be careful about using this trick in very well lit rooms as the gimmick may be seen by an overly attentive spectator.

This trick is very entertaining for spectators and in addition to the routines suggested on the DVD, it is possible to make up your own routines, including an easy color change. It may be slightly too expensive what is supplied (but only my a little), but the results will make you forget about that extra $5.

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Product info for MC Sandwich (Blue)

Author: Chatelin, Mickael
Publisher: Gi'Mick Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Mickael is well known for his new automatic and visual effects.

With MC SANDWICH you realize a classic card magic effect.

A classic effect you hear me say?
But we believe the method used will surprise you. This method does not stop a sandwich effect.

Learn to make them disappear or appear one or more cards, plus you also learn a version of ambitious card has 3 cards.

A card is freely chosen and signed by a spectator, the card will mysteriously appear between two cards! An impossible effect done in front of your spectators, MC SANDWICH allow you a multitude of other effects such as: Disappearance, Transformation, Ambitious Card and Etc...

Just imagine and the equipment does the rest.

- No manipulations
- No forging, a signed card
- No adhesive, no wires, no flap
- Immediate Reset

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