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Ocular Blue (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

September 4th, 2014 9:16am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Ocular is a great close-up visual card to envelope effect that has can be applied to many card tricks with many different routines. This Alakazam product by Alexis De La Fuente comes with a gimmick designed by Rob Bromley and as the manufacturer's description accurately describes, it is "an absolute jaw dropper." With Ocular, the performer displays a small pay envelope with a hole in the middle (approximately the size of an American Quarter) so that the spectators can clearly see that the envelope is empty. After a card instantaneously visibly appears in the envelope, it is removed from the envelope and revealed to be the previously selected (and signed) card. The audience is blown away. This is easy to learn and perform and you can start immediately after watching the 30 minute instructional DVD, which is easy to follow.

On the well-produced DVD, David Loosley demonstrates another routine in a live performance where two cards have been selected; the first is selected and dropped back into the deck and the second is selected, signed and returned to the deck. The envelope that has been visible since before the cards and a prediction card can be seen in the envelope. The card is slowly removed from the deck and handed to the spectators and it is reveled to be the first card (which was not signed). Now, Loosley flicks the empty envelope and another card instantly appears, which can be seen in the hole in the envelope. The card is removed from the envelope, dropped onto the deck and it is revealed to be the signed card. Although the reserved audience on the DVD barely reacts to the trick, other than a quiet giggle , I am sure that your live audiences (that are not being recorded for an instructional DVD) will react loudly and positively to the effect. I believe that the actual effect is much better in person than what you see on the promotional video.

The instructional DVD suggests various methods by which the selected card appears in the envelope. The most prominent handling is done by flicking the envelope, which I do not think is the best method. It is also suggested that you shake the envelope and watch it appear, but my personal favorite is to throw the envelope in the middle of cards being dribbled onto a table so when the top cards are removed it appears as if the envelope "caught" a card. One idea that I like very much, but is mentioned in passing on the DVD, is that the empty prediction envelope starts off in a certain wallet so that the spectators can handle it before the trick.

The trick comes with either a red or blue backed gimmick on bicycle stock, with one envelope and the DVD. The trick can be reset quickly and easily in a second or two, but you need to do it out of sight of the spectators.

This trick is worthwhile purchasing and is another great product in Alakazam's catalog.

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Product info for Ocular Blue (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: De La Fuente, Alexis
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $37.05
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Manufacturer's Description:

A hyper visual card to envelope that can be added to your card set at any point. Your spectators are going to absolutely love Ocular. The moment they see the card appear is an absolute jaw dropper.

Ocular comes complete with an extremely clever gimmick hand crafted by Rob Bromley and a full instructional DVD which includes ideas by Alexis DELA Fuente, Peter Nardi, Dave Loosley and Andrew Smith.

Ocular is easy to do, quick to set/reset and can be added to your routine at any point. Ocular is a perfect way to end your ambitious card routine.

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