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At the Table Live Lecture - Karl Hein 8/6/2014 - video DOWNLOAD Review

Official Review

September 3rd, 2014 10:40am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Karl Hein's reputation for being an extremely talented and skilled card handler is well deserved. He is great teacher and an impressive performer. Time flies when you watch this two-hour video and you will immediately want to watch it again because there is so much material packed into this lecture. Hein admirably credits the magicians before him who have influenced his methods, taught him, and who originated various tricks that he borrowed or improved upon. Mike Hankins does an excellent job at hosting Hein and asking him to repeat certain moves or demonstrate various sleights.

The lecture starts off with a humorous mock-infomercial for the "Koppertop" hat, Hein's signature article of clothing. After Hein takes the stage, he immediately dives into his first card trick, the very strong, "That Would Be A Freaking Miracle" where the audience picks three cards, which are then shuffled back into the deck. The spectator then picks a card and it is not one of the three chosen cards, it is a joker. Then the joker finds the three cards, which almost instantly turn into three jokers. Then, as it that was not enough, the entire deck turns into jokers. Hein then locates the vanished three cards under the Koppertop, which is on his head. And, of course, then a bottle of water drops out of his hat. Hein clearly and articulately teaches the trick and the various sleights, forces, card palm and misdirection necessary to perform the trick, all of which can be used for various different routines. Hein's explanation of the card to hat load was very entertaining and detailed. The camera angles during the explanation portions of the lecture really help demonstrate and explain what the performer is doing. When needed, Hein calls for either a front camera, a bird's eye view camera, a worm's eye view or a side view.

Hein then demonstrates his impressive version of Triumph and explains it step by step, as well as the false shuffles and cuts, including the Heinstein Shuffle. The Heinstein Shuffle is an effective version of the Zarrow Shuffle, for which Hein acknowledges and calls for a round of applause for Herb Zarrow. He also demonstrates the false overhand shuffle and the Hofzinser cull. He demonstrates his card prowess by performing a one-handed full deck riffle shuffle followed immediately by two simultaneous one-handed riffle shuffles - -with half the deck in each hand.

Hein teaches a fun and easy multi-colored sugar packet prediction trick, using business cards and dollar bills to reveal the different color packets that he predicted that the spectator would and did choose. He demonstrates, but does not teach, his Heiny 500 multiple bill change which is extremely visual and leaves you wanting more, and strongly considering purchasing his instructional DVD by the same name.

Hein fields many questions and gives advice on working restaurants and explains his theory and philosophy of interacting with tables, collecting tips in different venues and handing out business cards. He also gives some tips on how to draw applause from an audience for a volunteer, which gets a quiet audience more involved in the act.

Hein also demonstrates and explains his version of "Out of This World" which he calls "Out of your Mind". Out of your Mind is an amazing variation on the classic trick that does not require a full deck or prior set up and plays very naturally. Hein teaches some handling that requires a bit of practice. He also demonstrates and explains his un-gimmicked version of Ryan Swigert's "Kickback" which he calls "My Grandmother's BLT" after his favorite sandwich (which his grandmother makes, which is very tasty). Hein breaks down every aspect of this and his other tricks. Practicing what was taught will no doubt up your game and improve your card handling skills.

This review does not and could not address everything in this fantastic lecture, which should not be passed over. You will thoroughly enjoy this download and no doubt watch it multiple times.

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Author: Hein, Karl
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Manufacturer's Description:

Karl Hein: Karl Hein is no stranger to magic. Known around the world for his amazing skills with a pack of cards as well as his disarming performance style, Karl will present to you a lecture that will blow you away! Having presented over 100 different lectures in over 15 countries, Karl is known for some amazing pieces of magic including, "The Heinstein Shuffle and "Heiny 500". Karl will present to you routines, sleights, flourishes, and principals of magic and misdirection that only a seasoned professional like Karl can do. This is a GREAT lecture that CANNOT be missed! In his lecture, you will be learning:

That Would Be A Freaking Miracle - Karl's easy and commercial Three Card Selection Routine where a spectator finds the cards with several amazing kicker endings. Karl will use this routine to discuss card selection, card control, revelations, multiple moments of amazement, routine construction and alternate presentations such as...

Hat Trick - An alternate presentation for That Would Be A Freaking Miracle, where the magician finds the three selections in his hat or the hat of a spectator.

Transformer Triumph - An in the hands Triumph Routine with multiple magic moments. Karl will use this routine to also teach and talk about tips for the following False Shuffles, Cuts and Flourishes.

Heinstein Shuffle - The classic in the hands false rifle shuffle with a bridge.

Transformer Cut - A convincingly false flourish cut.

False Overhand Shuffle - Exactly what it sounds like.

Give Me Five - A production of a five dollar bill that can be used just about anytime.

Pathways - A double prediction effect with a new touch on combining equivoque and multiple outs. Karl will also use this routine to teach 2 multiple out systems including:

Outs of Business - A simple business card prediction.
Heiny Switch - A prediction written on the back of dollar bill.
Out of Your Mind - Karl's unpublished work on the classic Paul Curry effect "Out of This World."
Grandmother's BLT - Karl's un-gimmicked version of Ryan Swigert's "Kickback" which is guaranteed to give any laymen or magician a moment of pure astonishment.

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