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Angle Z Review

August 25th, 2014 1:52am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Daniel Madison's Angle Z is a mind blowing card trick that anyone can do with just a bit of confidence, some basic card handling skills and a regular deck of cards. In essence, a spectator selects a card, and the performer removes it from the deck and immediately tears off the corner. The corner of the card instantly vanishes. The corner then reappears in an unlikely place such as the spectator's pocket, across the room on a shelf, under a book, or any place in the room. The performer does not need to recover the vanished card corner, they merely point to the location and the spectator picks it up.

Although this trick is simple, it is a killer. The trick is a method, which is taught on a Hollywood quality produced DVD sold by

The DVD is an hour and twenty minutes long and consists of Daniel Madison teaching the method in various segments; Intro, Mechanics, Performance Tips, Handling, Variations, Customizing, and Credits. Although the trick is easy to do, you will want to watch this DVD several times to learn the multiple variations and different handlings. The intricate detail and explanation makes the DVD worth every penny. At the end of the DVD there is an additional chapter "Live Performance" in which Madison demonstrates the trick in street magic encounters with actual spectators, which is fun to watch and inspiring. The manufacturer's description does not really describe the trick , but it is not misleading in any way. It merely, describes what will be taught i.e. "The most effective places to reveal the hidden corner" or "how to perform Angle Zero with a signed card".

Interestingly, Madison explained that when he first released the trick in his book "TWO" he believed it to be a "throwaway" effect and didn't appreciate the strength of the illusion until he saw fellow magicians performing his trick.

Separate and apart from the above ungimmicked Angle Z method,, sells a gimmicked version of Angle Z, that is taught on its "Gaff Sytem" DVD. This version of Angle Z requires the performer to use's Artifice deck and its gimmicked Angle Z refills. In that version of the trick, after the corner vanishes, it appears on the back of the card. Initially this reveal is not that impressive to the spectator as they will assume the corner was just slid behind the card. Then, as the performer tilts the card the corner does not fall off and when it is examined, the corner has fused into the back of the card. A different trick using the same principal, but just as amazing.

Product info for Angle Z

Author: Daniel Madison
Publisher: Ellusionist
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Angle Z was introduced in 2007 as "Angle Zero". At the time, Daniel didn't realize the true power of the effect. He taught it in a mere 5 minutes and gave no subtleties or further instruction.

Over the next five years Angle Z was discovered by a who's who of magic and added to their performance, due to the extreme power and simplicity of the effect.

Daniel began to get comments from friends and acquaintances in the business, many of whom shared striking routines and effective subtleties with him.

He decided to teach all that he had learned and developed on Angle Zero, and changed the name to Angle Z as an ode to covering everything about the miracle trick from "A to Z".

If you know the trick or perform it - good. If you don't, you should be. It's one of the easiest yet most impactful tricks on the market today. In this new work on the subject Daniel will teach...

• How to perform Angle Zero with a signed card

• Cause the torn corner to appear between someone's empty hands as it vanishes

• The most effective places to reveal the hidden corner

• How to perform Angle allowing the spectator to ACTUALLY HAND you ANY CARD

• How to leave ZERO DOUBT that the corner has actually been ripped from the card

• How to allow the spectator to HEAR every little RIP in the card

• The correct way to slowly and methodically tear the corner piece

• Learn David Blaine's take on Angle Zero and the way he performs it 95% of the time

• How to use Angle Zero as a visual penetration through a glass table

• See Daniel perform the effect live several times on the streets of Los Angeles

• Where the torn corner should - and should not - be revealed.

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