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True Mysteries 2 Review

Official Review

August 22nd, 2014 8:31am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This book was a bit of a mess for me.

First off, the production is not good. It’s staple bound and does not look like it’s worth the asking price.

Second, some of the writing style was difficult to understand.

Finally, the ‘effects’ described are barely effects. One of the effects claims that the audience experiences a hallucination, and the method is basically telling them to imagine they’re hallucinating, and then believe that they will genuinely hallucinate.

This is a direct quote from the book:

“This effect is a great example of how by simply imagining something to be true it can be so.”

While I believe it’s good to have a positive outlook on life, and that imagination is really important, this does not make it a reliable method for practical, everyday, under fire use.

Yes, there are spectators who will buy in and believe you can control their mind, and follow your hypnotic suggestions. They will also believe that you can implant a thought in their mind by just using an Invisible Deck.

I do believe that these kinds of mental suggestions can be useful, if used like a spice in a recipe. These guys are trying to sell those spices as a main course.

My advice, pick up the classic hypnosis books for a much cheaper price. This kind of material is too unreliable to ask fifty bucks for.

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Product info for True Mysteries 2

Author: Parker, Fraser
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Manufacturer's Description:

True Mysteries 2 is the sequel to the groundbreaking and highly acclaimed first True Mysteries book and DVD by Fraser Parker. In this book you will learn the real work Fraser and co author Gavin O Rourke- Soccorso use to create the illusion of hypnotic trance and feats of seeming hypnosis, without the use of such states or the need for actual hypnosis.

Imagine being able to instantly freeze someone in place, leaving them with their feet stuck to the floor unable to move. Or causing complete amnesia in your subject to the point where there is absolutely no recollection of the memory whatsoever, as well as being able to cause hypnotic induction at a distance just by simply staring at someone from across the room. And much more...
NO hypnosis or long inductions necessary.

All of this is made possible with the simple use of words and your belief in such things.

You will learn the advanced techniques that make all of this possible as well as gain further insight into how this work can be used to transition into actual trance states as well as how it can be blended with real hypnosis to create effects unlike anything from the past.
It's a way of creating hypnotic effects without using actual trance It's a prop-less effect The effects from True Mysteries have been taken to an advanced level of application in the sequel From a technical perspective it's easy to perform From a conceptual perspective it's at an advanced stage Foreword by Peter Turner and additional ideas from Jerome Finley
A4 Paperback
50 Pages

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