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August 26th, 2014 2:44am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I really liked this DVD a lot more than I thought I would. All of the magic here is simple, practical, easy to execute, and dare I say, charming.

Too many times we uses words like ‘charming’ or ‘cute’ to describe magic that isn’t very deceptive, but there are some deceptive tricks here. I don’t think any will set the world on fire, but they just might make your reputation at your weekly restaurant gig.

Many of the tricks require minimal prep for the pack of cards you are using, some of them are completely ungaffed. There are also some funky fresh images of cards being chopped in half by a karate chop, a secret “mark” on a card, and mini cards being ripped from regular sized ones. There’s also a torn and restored card that uses ZERO sleights. How cool is that?

Tony Chris comes off as a quiet spoken, charming gentleman who is obviously having fun with his magic, and his spectator he is playfully holding prisoner for the filming of these card tricks! He doesn’t come off as too goofy, or insincere. He doesn’t have a bunch of weird moves or overly clever gimmicks. All his stuff is very functional and usable.

The production values are minimal, but they do not get in the way of the teaching. There are so many glossy, over priced DVDs with tricks that you’ll never use on them. I have a feeling I will be using a few of the items on this DVD.

Congrats to Tony Chris for delivering a DVD of simple, usable magic in a charming way. If you work restaurants, you will find a new effect or two for charming your audiences!

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Author: Chris, Tony
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Manufacturer's Description:

Tony Chris invites you to join him for nearly two hours of instructional entertainment as he performs and explains in detail the working of ten commercial effects.
These are quirky effects requiring limited sleight of hand and designed to create great impact while leaving a lasting impression.

Cardicus Impossibillicus
A Little Miracle
All Torn Up
Enter The Dragon
Catch Me If You Can
Secret Mark
Open & Shut
Those About TO Rock

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