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Flatline Review

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August 25th, 2014 1:54am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Note: I have consulted on a few Sankey Magic projects in the past, but I did not have any creative input on this particular product.

I’m a HUGE Jay Sankey fan. He’s been a great mentor both through his material and personally, and has been a giant influence in my work. I say all this so that you will understand that when I saw this, I thought Jay had lost it.

I watched the demo, and felt like Jay had stopped caring. It felt like he had stretched and flattened everything except a sharpie, and decided to market this.

I then watched the DVD, and saw the sincerity in Jay’s face while teaching some of the ways to present this effect. It inspired me enough to bring the prop along to gig to try out on real laypeople. I was astonished. People love this trick. In one weekend, I had screams, gasps, and laughs. I even had THREE separate ask if they could keep the marker. I was shocked how disappointed they were when I said I had to take it back. I even had a close lay person friend tell me that THIS is her NEW favorite.

I admit, I don’t get it. Then again, I don’t have to. All I know is that people really respond to this. I think it might be in the same realm as metal bending for them. That’s the only explanation I’ve got.

The DVD is well shot, and Jay is as good of a teacher as he’s ever been.

He also teaches some bonus effects that can use the regular sharpie before you flatten it. My favorite effect here is one that uses the paddle move for a mentalism trick. It’s perfect Sankey thinking.

If you work standard strolling situations, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the reactions for this.

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Product info for Flatline

Author: Sankey, Jay
Publisher: Sankey Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"This is one of the most versatile close-up magic props I've ever created. Everybody wants to examine the marker. Some people laugh. Some are shocked. But it always gets a strong reaction."
-Jay Sankey

Comes complete with:
56-minute instructional DVD Very special Sharpie brand marker (each hand-crafted by world famous magic maker Roy Kueppers) Matching Sharpie brand marker
The instructional DVD features a variety of presentations with borrowed dollar bills, playing cards, paper napkins, business cards and more!

A show-stopping 'Card Stab' routine is also included, with two spectators discovering they are thinking of THE SAME CARD!


(master dvd order)


Learn the secrets to 'splitting' one marker into THREE. Looks amazing. Great for close-up and stand-up performances.

Convince people you have psychic powers by first 'sending a thought,' and then 'receiving a thought.'

3 - I.Q.TEST
After drawing a black dot on a playing card with a marker, for just a few moments the dot becomes a REAL HOLE and the performer can even slip the marker through the hole! To finish, the hole transforms back into a drawn black dot.

No matter how hard they try, nobody can remove the cap from the marker! (Perfect for hecklers and know-it-all's.)

After a wooden toothpick is closely examined, the magician crunches it betweeh his teeth and swallows it. The toothpick then mysteriously appears in the middle of the pack...stuck through the selected card!

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