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Deep Shadows Review

Official Review

August 29th, 2014 7:32am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Mentalism books have come and gone, and the classics have stood the test of time. We will have to wait to see if this one stands up alongside of the timeless classics. In the meantime, I think this is a worthwhile book with some interesting ideas.

I haven’t used any of the full routines in my work, but I have implemented some of the suggestions, methods, and theories into my work and I’m quite happy.

If you do any kind of metal bending magic, this is almost a must have. Some interesting, fresh ideas are shared here.

If you do strolling magic and want to add a few simple mentalism effects, this is a good source. You will get a few very simple, usable effects for strolling. If you are already established, you will probably already have a favorite handling of some similar effects printed here, but there will be new principles and ideas for you to use and experiment with.

My only major issue is the price. I think this is slightly overpriced. I understand books are expensive to produce. This book DOES have a huge dose of information. It will depend on the reader if the information is useful. I think those odds are very good.

If you are into mentalism or metal bending, I would recommend you make the investment in this new book that I hope will become a modern classic.

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Product info for Deep Shadows

Author: Christopher, Dee
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $75.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Deep Shadows is a collection of techniques, tools and effects discovered by mentalist and psychokinetic expert Dee Christopher over 10 years of study, creativity and performance as a professional magician and mind reader. Featuring a foreword by Daniel Madison and an incredible expanse of magic, mentalism, routines and utilities spread across more than 250 pages, Deep Shadows is a rare insight into the mind and repertoire of a working mentalist. Within the leaves of this tome, you will learn the following: As well as all of this amazing material, Dee divulges his thinking on many different subjects including how to learn verbal deception, how to structure your acts, and many other subjects vital to the performing mentalist.Whether you're just branching out into mentalism, or you're a seasoned mentalist looking for a greater insight into your craft, you'll find what you need in Deep Shadows.

Full Contents:Devices & Gimmicks
  • BROKEN WINGS: A gimmicked pad with which you can force information, peek information, create automatic writing effects and much, MUCH more! (Just google for the reviews.)
  • LEGION: An expandable concept with cards that needs to be set up only once and can create completely hands off forces, hallucination effects and more!
  • CRONOS: A full locked box prediction system that also allows you to perform an incredible feat of psychokinesis!
  • CAST: An amazing book test gimmick that fits in your wallet and is completely invisible in plain sight!
  • inDeck:;A brilliant billet index that can be built into a deck of cards, or a stack of index cards, depending on your preference. Very easy to use, very easy to expand.
  • SIX:SIX: A unique forcing technique based on a very old magic effect.
  • EX: Prove that you know what item would be named before it is.
Tricks & Techniques
  • 5020
  • LOKI
  • SYN
  • SCAR
  • Schrodinger's Deck
  • The Devil's Key
  • Falling Coins
  • Sight Three
  • Insanewave
  • Rush
  • iSo
  • Currency
  • After-Dark
  • Plastic

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