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Ryan Schultz's Effortless Effects Review

Official Review

August 19th, 2014 5:59am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I love card effects that require no sleight of hand. I’ve learned as a working professional, that it’s great to have a few moveless effects in your back pocket for that occasional spectator that BURNS YOUR HANDS. I’ve also learned that some spectators can’t follow certain instructions of some self working card tricks because they don’t handle cards as well as we’d hope.

This DVD has some clever effects, but some of them might be a little too complicated for some laypeople to follow the instructions. That doesn’t make this useless for real world professionals. We should always strive for strong magic for those especially savvy spectators. Just don’t expect to be using these while strolling at a cocktail party. These effects require focus, and audience attention to both follow the instructions, and follow the effect. Even I had minor issues following some of the effects while watching.

To say Ryan’s performance style is minimal would be an understatement. In fact, almost every effect can be summed up as Ryan finding the selected card, and saying “Pretty cool, huh?” That’s fine for a DVD like this, because there is no performance style for beginners to copy, and it forces them to come up with their own compelling personalities.

My only real complaint is that the ad copy on the DVD states that if magicians are fooled by these tricks, that you can IMAGINE how fooled normal spectators will be. I hate this mindset because it’s WRONG. Laypeople have no reference to card tricks. They aren’t thinking, “Well, it’s not a force, it’s not a key card…” The trick with laypeople is to make them care, and give them clear instructions.

That aside, I know I will be using the GAP principle that is taught here. It’s a clever idea, that I know will have many uses. Just because it requires no moves, doesn’t mean it’s easy. You do have to be mentally aware and keeping track of what your audience is doing while you are giving them the clearest instructions you can.

If you collect methods, this is for you. If you work bars or loud restaurants, this is not for you. If you are in environments where you can give clear for attentive spectators regularly, this is definitely for you. The GAP Principle is worth the price of admission!

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Product info for Ryan Schultz's Effortless Effects

Author: Schultz, Ryan
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Do you like super easy to perform card magic that requires almost NO sleight of hand but still packs a MIGHTY punch? If so, RYAN SCHULTZ'S EFFORTLESS EFFECTS IS FOR YOU!

Effortless Effects features seven full routines, all of which utilizes techniques that will absolutely decimate even knowledgeable magicians. So just IMAGINE how fooled normal spectators will be! There is no back tracking these effects, the methods are just too devious.

Incredibly easy to perform, each routine is a masterclass in how structure, psychology and ingenious thinking can create earth shattering magic. Magicians of any skill level will be able to perform the trick on Effortless Effects, and the results will be the same for all - a shellshocked audience.

And with no sleights to worry about this is 100% about having fun in presenting the tricks.

Ryan also delves into his ultra sneaky "GAP Principle" - a super simple to implement strategy that gives you outrageous control over the cards. Learn it in minutes - utilize it in your magic forever!

Feature: Clearly See Thru No Hassle Hof Split Decision Wrongly Convicted Forget To Remember Fish Sandwich Needs a NameBONUS EFFECT
The GAP Principle

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