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Bicycle Dragon Green Review

August 20th, 2014 2:38am
Reviewed by Big Sam
Note - this is the same review for the Dragon Yellow Backs.

Bicycle's Dragon Backed decks are a love-hate thing for a lot of us. They were inexpensive, available at Target, and seemed to be better quality than regular bikes. However, of the three colors produced, only the gold-backed decks got everything right. The red backs used a dark red that looked muddy. The blue backs looked better but printed the hearts and diamonds with blue ink (yuk). The gold-backs used standard colors on the faces and the backs looked great.

So when Gambler's Warehouse announced special edition green and yellow backs, I immediately ordered them. And was really, really disappointed.

Both decks are standard quality Bikes, although the box seems a little flimsier. The backs looks good - the yellows are a bit clearer than the greens but both are better than the old red-backed decks.

The real downfall of these decks was the decision to follow the blue-backed disaster of changing the diamonds and hearts to green and yellow.

The green color might work on St. Patrick's Day in a pinch, but still looks pretty nasty. The only thing worse is the yellow. It's a pale yellow that barely shows against the white background and looks horrible.

So great idea, horrible execution. Perhaps in version two Gambler's Warehouse will go back to normal colored faces. Until then, you probably want to avoid both the Dragon Green and Dragon Yellow.

Product info for Bicycle Dragon Green

Author: Gamblers Warehouse
Publisher: Gamblers Warehouse
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Retail Price: $5.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

These limited edition series Bicycle playing cards features specialty designs of Dragon Back.
Available for a limited time. Every deck provides you with the same exceptional quality you've come too expect from Bicycle. Now with a fun new look.

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