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Voyeur Review

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August 14th, 2014 4:20pm
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Save your money! If you were so inclined you could probably make this deck and special card case in the time it takes to watch the whole DVD, which is not even 9 minutes long...

Actually the instruction part is just over 5.5 minutes and everything else is just filler - a trailer and a credits roll at the end.

The deck cannot be examined, the card case really cannot be examined but it *might* be able to be held by a spectator for a few minutes.

Does the method work? Sure it does. Is it clever? Maybe. Can the deck be used for anything else but this effect? Technically, yes - if you can do an effect with the 26 normal cards in it because the other 26 are gaffed. Other than that, this is a one-trick pony of a deck. If you are going to the trouble of carrying this deck around just to do the main effect, which can be accomplished with a completely normal deck and card case (borrowed if you like) using a lifetime-worth of other published methods, then you need to go back and read some good magic books or watch better DVDs.

The box does its job, but I will guarantee you that after about 10 performances (if that many at all), the box gimmick will start to get loose. This does not interfere with its working but it will happen.

The ad copy is mostly accurate but the part where it says that "your back is turned" is absolutely false. Only your head is turned and you cannot let laymen handle the deck - you have to do it the whole way through from beginning to end. The mention of "No electronics" and "No Magnets" are, while true, just absurd when referring to a 'pick a card' effect. Talk about a way to take something that is inherently simple and render it profoundly convoluted...

For $35/USD you can buy a number of great books or DVDs that teach you more than one way of accomplishing this effect, all of them using a normal deck and a normal case.

If I could give less than 1/2 of a star, I would. Use the money to buy any of the much better books/DVDs for this kind of effect from performers such as Ed Marlo, Max Maven or Kenton Knepper, among many others.

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Product info for Voyeur

Author: Romanos
Publisher: Titanas
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

In the fairest way, while your back is turned, the spectator selects a card. The card is returned to the deck and the deck is placed inside the card case. Only then the magician turns his head and instantly knows the identity of the card.

  • No electronics
  • No Force
  • No Magnets
  • No Rough and smooth
  • No Markings
  • No memorized or stack deck

Very innocent looking gimmick and instant reset. Immediately repeatable with different cards.

The special deck provided makes this effect easy to do.

Comes with a precision made gimmick and a DVD.

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