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Screwed Deck, The Review

August 10th, 2014 1:08am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This Paul Harris winner is a fantastic opener to any card trick that uses a regular deck of Bicycle cards.

The performer takes a box of cards out of their pocket, but oddly it is split into two halves; one is held in each hand. One half has a screw protruding from the middle and the other half has a threaded hole where the screw is placed. The spectator can see half a deck of cards in each half of the box. The then performer screws the two separate halves together, but the deck gets stuck a half rotation too soon so that the top of the box shows the front of the box and the bottom of the box shows the back of the box. Amazingly, the performer then removes a whole deck of cards, but the top card matches the mismatched box; half the card displays the face and the other half shows the rider back. For the finale, the performer twists the deck of cards (at this point the box from which the cards came has been put away) and fixes the front/back mix up. The performer can then go into his next trick and the cards can be handed out.

There are some angle issues with this trick and the audience should be in front of the performer. There is no deck switch. The audience is utterly amazed by the outcome and although the curious spectator may ask to see the box, they cannot. And, they won't have the opportunity to do so because the screwed together box is placed back in the spectators pocket or case before the trick is over. This close-up effect is amazing.

The instruction manual consists of three double-sided photocopy pages, which could be better because some of the language is not clear and the hand drawn pictures can be confusing. Nonetheless, this trick is not that hard to figure out and it requires some slight of hand to perform, which is not too difficult.

If you were to reset the trick, it would require that you unscrew the deck, and do some minor set up. This would require about half a minute of privacy. The product is well made and if you can find it for the below price of $41.99, you should buy it.

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Author: Harris, Paul
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Retail Price: $41.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician "screws" two halves of a deck together like a pool cue, but's mis-matched!

He gives it another twist and the deck becomes an ordinary, examinable pack of cards!

Easy to Learn and Perform

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