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OFF SET Review

August 12th, 2014 1:17pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This trick is fantastic and worth checking out. The back of a deck of cards is shown to be blank and in an instant, with the flick of the wrist or a pass over the box, black sharpie writing appears on the box. The writing can either reveal a prediction, a chosen card or it can be the end to a mentalism routine.

I believe that Off Set will be most commonly used to reveal a chosen card, but there are so many possibilities that you are only limited by your imagination. Basically, anything you want to appear on the back of a normal box of cards, will. The DVD, which has an English translation dubbed over the original French instruction is very detailed and easy to follow. It teaches two types of revelations; the instant appearance or a slow rising appearance. The effect, in both variations, is very easy to perform. This trick looks great and your spectators will be baffled. In certain routines you can place the box in the spectator's hands, but you will not want to allow them to hold the box after the reveal.

The promotional video accurately depicts how the effect appears to a spectator, but one may mistakenly believe that you can do different ink revelations without a reset. You cannot not change the outcome without some advance prep and about 5 seconds of privacy in between tricks. There are no angles to worry about and this trick can be performed completely surrounded.

This is the type of trick that you wish that no one else would know about or purchase because the effect is so good and simple. This gimmick is very clever and anyone that buys this trick will be very happy -- and their audiences will be impressed.

Product info for OFF SET

Author: Calbry, Sebastien
Publisher: Arteco Productions
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

OFFSET PRINTING BESPOKE ULTRA FLASH! Just looking at pictures you will realize the impact that this effect will have on your audience.

In less than a second fraction, you can produce any inscription on the back of the deck box.

This amazing tool will offer many opportunities for you to customize and create your own twists for this effect.

- Introduction by the appearance of your stage name
- Disclosure of the identity of a card chosen by the spectator
- Routine mentalism (any word, date, number ...)
- Closure by the appearance of a keyword (goodbye, thank you ...)
- Rising (draw a case and make a rising of the chosen map)

Your Imagination is your only LIMIT!

Make a HUGE Visual Impact on your audience
Multiple Effects
100% Customizable

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