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Future Zone (Wallet, DVD) Review

August 6th, 2014 8:29am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This is a simple trick that is easy to master in a short period of time. The performer takes out a wallet and opens it up to reveal a small playing card sized envelope and drops it on a table in plain sight. Then the performer takes out a deck of Bicycle cards and deals from the top, one at a time, displaying each card face up on a table. Although the manufacturer's description indicates that the dealing of the cards can be done by a spectator, it is preferable if the performer controls this part of the presentation. The spectator then commands the performer to "stop" at any time and by doing so they choose that card. The performer shows the spectator some of the cards on the pile that have already been dealt and also a few of the cards from the deck that would have been dealt if the spectator had not stopped at their card. The spectator has a complete free choice and it feels 100% fair. The performer then picks up the wallet and pulls out the card. Amazingly the card inside the small envelope, that has been on the table the whole time, matches the spectator's choice.

The materials are top quality and Mark Mason's instructional DVD is an excellent teaching tool. Although nothing can be handed out after the trick (the wallet, the deck, or the prediction card in the envelope), the effect is so amazing that the spectator is numb from amazement. Although I would not recommend repeating the trick to the same audience, the reset is instant.

This is a very impressive trick that can be added to any routine or used as a stand-alone. It will blow away any audience.

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Author: Mark Mason and JB Magic
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Future Zone (Wallet, DVD)
by Mark Mason and JB Magic

A small leather wallet is opened and inside there is a small brown envelope, this contains ONE playing card. The wallet is placed to one side, while you show a deck of Bicycle playing cards. Either you,

The magician or the spectator deals the cards one at a time FACE UP onto the table.

They stop on ANY card they wish. The envelope is removed and the playing card is removed it matches the card they stopped on. This looks excellent. No guiding they can stop on any card, do not forget they are dealt FACE UP they see every card.

Future Zone comes with a step by step instructional DVD with mark's personal handling.

Also includes bonus material, Mark's incredible wallet move.

You receive: leather wallet, special deck, predictions and DVD.

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