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Crash Dice Review

August 10th, 2014 1:09am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This is one of Tenyo's better tricks. It is simple, easy to perform and is a great visual effect. The performer displays a small handheld clear plastic container with a single regular sized white die in it. With a quick shake of the container, the die turns into eight miniature dice and the regular die has vanished. There is an alternative presentation in which the white die turns into a red die. In both effects, the transformed dice can be handed out for inspection, but there is a small amount of cleanup to do, which happens right in front of the spectator. The quality of the product is good and the promotional video accurately depicts the effect. As with many Tenyo products, this is slightly expensive for what it is, but worthy of the space in your magic bag. This will amaze children and adults. The instructions are easy to follow and this can be performed right out of the box, without even reading the directions.

Product info for Crash Dice

Author: Tenyo
Publisher: Tenyo
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $37.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Your audience sees you place a single die inside of a clear container. Yet seconds later, the die explodes into eight tiny dice, or even changes color from white to red! All props can be passed for examination after you've performed this visually startling miracle.

The inventor of this trick, Hiroshi Sawa has inspired magicians the world over with his whimsical and lyrical magic creations. A dentist by trade, Dr. Sawa has also appeared as a performer on countless Japanese and international television shows.

Crash Dice (originally released as "Dice Bomb") has become an international best-selling trick thanks to its powerful impact and extremely easy method. Unfortunately, many unauthorized copies of this trick are currently being sold throughout the world. Tenyo retains the exclusive worldwide sales rights to this creation, and we are proud to release this item with a brand-new addition to its methodology. Amaze yourself with the destructive power of Crash Dice!

English instructions included.

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