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Spellbinding Boxes Review

August 12th, 2014 1:17pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Imagine that your spectator signs a quarter and drops it into a black handkerchief. While holding the quarter, which is folded inside the handkerchief, the spectator is shown a small gold colored round metal container. The performer takes the handkerchief from the spectator and opens it to reveal that the quarter has vanished. Now imagine that the spectator picks up the container and opens it to reveal a smaller container nested inside. That process is repeated until the fourth container is opened and miraculously, the signed quarter is found therein. Now, imagine this amazing trick is only $25 dollars and you have found Spellbinding Boxes.

The quality of the boxes is top notch and the gimmick that allows this miracle to happen is so simple you will wish you invented it yourself. This handheld trick is easy to perform and packs a very large punch. It can be reset in about 15 seconds and repeated numerous times. Although the trick requires a tiny bit of misdirection, that is accomplished by the fact that the spectator is holding the quarter inside the handkerchief.

If you don't own this already, it will quickly become a staple item in your pocket. This trick comes with the four round containers (the boxes), a special handkerchief and another gimmick that makes this trick easy to perform. While you cannot hand out the handkerchief for inspection, that is not a problem because the high quality nested metal containers are the focus of attention and withstand inspection.

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Publisher: Magic Makers
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Spellbinding Boxes are a true marvel of magic. A spectator’s signed coin is placed under a handkerchief and then held by the spectator. The magician then removes a golden container from his pocket and it is placed in the spectator’s other hand. Now, with the handkerchief covering the signed coin in one hand, and the gold container in the other hand, the spectator is ready to be amazed! The magician then takes the handkerchief from the spectator revealing the coin has vanished. The spectator is then asked to open the gold container, revealing another sealed container inside! The inner container is opened to reveal another container inside, a third container. The third container is opened to reveal a 4th container inside. Now for the climax, inside the 4th container is the spectator’s signed coin…. The Spellbinding Boxes are hand made in brass and then 24k gold plated. Included with the apparatus is a special black handkerchief ready to perform this pocket miracle!

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