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Killer Bee Review

August 4th, 2014 1:47am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
If you have the time and a patient and attentive audience, this is a great trick.

The effect of allowing a spectator to shuffle a deck of cards, then splitting it into two piles, divided by suit, and then 'spelling' all the cards from in the spectator's pile that the spectator turns over (i.e. the spectator turns over a six from her pile and the performer counts down three cards spelling S-I-X from his pile and then the next card in the performer's pile is also a six) is quite amazing. Because the presentation requires separating the cards first by color, then by suit and then doing at least two spelling routines for an entire suit, it may be hard to keep the attention of the audience. This may be hard to perform in a restaurant or bar, but other more quiet venues will work better.

The manufacturer's description indicates that the trick comes with a gimmick, but it is not so much of a gimmick as a very clever/hidden instruction manual, which will be necessary as a specific set up is required. This trick is easy to perform and can done with a regular deck. And, although Chris Ballinger's DVD is top quality and his presentation of the instructions is very clear and informative, because this trick could be taught by reading an instruction manual (or book), I believe it is slightly (just a bit) overpriced.

Overall, I am very happy with this effect and will carefully pick the instances to use it.

Product info for Killer Bee

Author: Ballinger, Chris
Publisher: Magic Geek, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

A pack of cards is shuffled by a spectator, they select a suit for the magician and a suit for themselves. They turn over a card from their pile and it is spelled by the magician, the next card is the same number just spelled. This continues until every card is spelled and every card matches perfectly!

Then, the spectator picks another suit to use, they spell each card in order, (ace through king) and every time, they finish spelling the deal out the card they just spelled.

Finally, all the cards are gathered up and even though the spectator was the last one to shuffle and touch the cards, they are now back in new pack order! Every card-hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds is in numerical order!

Recommended For:
This is a full, multi-phase routine that can fit into any close-up act.

The DVD covers a way to present the effect as a mentalism routine, where instead of spelling the cards, you can feel the vibrations of the cards or the spectator and know where every card is even from across the room.

Trick Specifications:
Includes gimmicks made from Bicycle Rider Backed cards (your choice of red or blue), bonus gimmicks and an instructional DVD teaching several different handlings.

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