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iContact (DVD and Gimmick) Review

August 3rd, 2014 12:35am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This close-up/table hopping/mentalism card trick leaves a wake of astonished spectators in its path every time it is performed. It can be performed partially surrounded, which is conducive to table hopping.

The performer takes a deck of cards out of its box and dribbles it, face up, so the spectators see that all the cards are different. The deck is then dribbled face down and a spectator picks a card mid-dribble -- and is even given the option to keep going if they wish to choose another card. The chosen card is displayed to the spectators and then another spectator chooses a different suit from the chosen card and freely names out-loud any card in that suit. The performer look through the deck and finds the first card. The performer proves that they knew which card would be chosen by allowing one of the spectators to turn over the empty card box, which has been sitting on the table the entire time, in plain sight, to reveal that the first chosen card’s name is written on the backside of the box. Then amazingly, a spectator turns over the chosen card and on its back is written the name of the freely chosen second card.

If you can dribble cards you can do this trick with great ease. The hardest part of doing this trick is the initial one-time preparation of the gimmicked deck, which only requires about 15 minutes of alone time and a Sharpie.

Often, promotional videos are edited to make tricks look better. Not so here. If anything, the video underplays how great of a trick this is. Although the promotional video claims that there is a different outcome every time, that is only partially true and you would not want to repeat this trick to the same group of spectators.

The gimmicked deck is well made and the instructional DVD is easy to follow and enables you to start performing immediately after the initial setup is completed. The DVD comes with some great alternative handlings and an fantastic bonus routine, "touched" which can be performed with another gimmicked staple deck of cards.

iContact is well worth the $29.99 price and the 5 star rating.

Product info for iContact (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Congreave, Chris
Publisher: RSVP
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.99
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Manufacturer's Description:

Welcome to iContact the brand new easy-to-do card trick that promises to get you amazing reactions!

Imagine having a card freely chosen and then asking a 2nd person to merely THINK of another one. Amazingly, when the chosen card is turned over, the thought of card is written on the back of the first chosen card! Stunning magic and best of all, very easy to do!

Watch Richard Bellars, star of Penn & Tellers "Fool Us" and see just what amazing reactions this trick gets... every time! Best of all there is no sleight-of-hand involved.

iContact comes with an instructional DVD shot in HD to our usual high standards and also a special deck of Bicycle Playing Cards that do all the hard work for you . Also featured is a FREE Bonus routine called 'Touched' by Gary Jones in which he explains the complete routine in full detail for the first time on DVD. You'll see a live performance and be taught taught the routine.

Contents Include:

The iContact Deck -
A detailed description of just how the deck works and how to set it up (some writing on the cards will be done by you). Please remember this is NOT a regular deck of Bicycle Playing cards and they have been put together especially for this effect.

Alternative Routines and Ideas - Join Chris Congreave and Gary Jones as they offer hints and tips, plus alternative handlings even using people's names!

FREE BONUS ROUTINE - GARY JONES' 'TOUCHED' - Join Gary Jones as he performs and then explains in detail, his brilliant routine 'Touched'. This is the original inspiration for the iContact deck (Alternative cards are required but available from most dealers).

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