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Definitive Guide to Restaurant Magic Review

Official Review

July 26th, 2014 12:04am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I’ve worked restaurants for almost ten years. I was taught through mentors, Eugene Burger’s books, and experience. Most of the books I’ve gotten since beginning have awful to wrong advice. This one has some advice I disagree with, however, this is a book written by a magician in the UK. The culture, vibe, and social contract is very different than it is here in the US, and there are even differences in geographic areas.

The quality of the cover and writing isn’t quite top notch. All this aside, I loved his article on the approach, how to use the staff, and promotional ideas. I can’t go into too much detail without giving away the information you should be paying for, but know that I will use and consider some of these ideas.

All in all, this is an ok resource for US magicians who are about a year into restaurants, and a possible GREAT starting resource for UK magicians.

I give it three and a half stars.

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Author: Goodman, Wayne
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Wayne is the go-to-guy for getting a residency as a paid magician. his help and advice has earned me three long term residencies that has brought in thousands of pounds worth of income.
-Christian Fletcher

If you have ever wanted to know anything about performing at restaurants, how to get the gig, and more importantly KEEP the gig, this is the book for you!!
-Chris Congreave

Restaurant magic is something that is completely unique in this business. Approaching table is completely different to any other gig, you will come across families, couples, private parties, corporate parties, hen and stag parties, so your repertoire has to be varied and big.Not only do you have to get the gig in the first place, but you have to be able to keep it. One man in the UK who has tons of experience in this field, and has held residencies for years at all types of restaurants is Wayne Goodman. He decided to share his experiences in this book.

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